Exciting Swiss Clocks

Since the creation of the first watch in 1812, the Swiss watch industry has entered its 200th year. Last year, 29.8 million watches were exported from Switzerland to various places, the highest point since 1999; and The export value of 19.3 billion Swiss francs shows that 200 years of accumulation of Swiss watches can still achieve great commercial value in modern society.

Swiss clocks
From hundreds of dollars of Swatch plastic watches, entry-level Tissot watches that cost thousands of dollars, to custom models that cost tens of millions, Swiss clocks, a highly sought after perfume, have been in demand for almost ten years. Retail prices are rising. For most of them, however, the increase in price is much higher than the increase in value. The deviation between value and price is precisely the crisis hidden in the rapid development of the Swiss watch industry in the monopoly background. Working together to broaden the price range, Yao Zhongwei, vice president of China for Tissot watches, admits: In order to pursue the 10% difference in watches, people spent 10 times the price.

刻度 200-year value scale
The price is high and the value is not expensive. The coexistence of low, medium and high-end watches has created the prosperity of the Swiss watch industry today, and allowed the tradition and skills of two hundred years to pass on. Yao Zhongwei, vice president of China for Tissot Watches, the largest production watch brand under the Swatch Group, said. It is not difficult to find that each brand is widening its own price range. Some climb higher and higher, and others take a more personal route to win sales from top to bottom. Swiss watchmakers do not let go of any corner of the market. In 2011, progress has been made in all price bands, which shows that consumers have a strong interest in Swiss watches as a whole. Clocks with prices below 200 francs (export prices) largely affected this table, with an increase of 11.7% equivalent to 2.2 million. The price is between 200-500 francs, and the growth rate of both quantity and price is nearly 20%. Prices between 500-3000 francs increased by 14.9%. In terms of price, watches with a price higher than 3,000 francs have reached the highest growth rate, up to 21.8%, and contributed two-thirds of the total growth value. That is to say, those who really drive the export of Swiss watches are those high-end wristwatches. table.

不足 Insufficient production yields limits, hunger marketing surges in added value
宇 Hublot, founded by Jean-Claude Biver, the king of Swiss watch marketing, is well versed in the marketing of hunger. Meeting 80% of the market demand is a golden proportion in the mind of Biver. Never meet all the needs of the market is a rule that Swiss high-end watch brands keep in mind. Breguet, Blancpain, and Jaquet Droz are the world’s largest watch groups: the top three brands under the Swatch Group. However, the annual average output of the three still adds up. Less than 50,000. The supply of Breguet and Blancpain is particularly inadequate. We cannot meet more than 20% of the market demand. As the global president of these three brands, Marc A. Hayek said, in terms of quantity, Jacques Dro’s situation is better.

The classic and luxurious appearance of the Prestige watch, coupled with the use of high-tech mechanical movement for more stable performance, has made this Swiss high-end watchmaking brand more and more popular in recent years. Breguet watches are truly limited because our production capacity is too limited. Unlike some brands, they only sell higher prices through the market means of labeling. Ennzo Zhu, Marketing Manager of Breguet China, explained that, for example, our Queen of Naples series female watches are sold in one piece in all places. Last year, there was zero inventory. Especially in the Chinese market, all styles sell well. This series of crocodile strap models sell for 268,000 in China, while K gold strap models sell for as much as 560,000.

However, such hunger marketing is more like a result than an original intention.
In order to alleviate the shortage of production, Swatch Group has invested 13 million Swiss francs for capacity expansion. Because high-end watchmaking relies on manual work, and most manual work cannot grow in batches like machines, it takes time for watchmakers to develop and become skilled. Marc A. Hayek said, I think this is a beautiful problem. The Hublot watch, created by Jean-Claude Biver, the king of Swiss watch marketing, is well versed in the marketing of hunger. Satisfying 80% of the market’s demand is the golden ratio concept table in Biver’s mind, which always makes consumers willing to be the biggest temptation of hungry marketing. Because of its high development and production costs and overly complex processes, it is impossible for the concept table to achieve mass production and truly go to market. This also makes those watches that really have the value of being handed down, often staying in people’s desire and imagination. With this desire, many consumers have instead turned to mass-produced watches with the same name but low price.

Hublot launches a concept watch Master Piece (handed down) series every year. It is now the fourth year. This Antiochila watch is inspired by the astronomical computer wreckage before 1900. It has spent 50 million R & D since 2008, and the former founder of BB Concept, Matthias Bullet, created this concept watch with a team of more than 10 people. Hu Ke, Hublot’s China market manager, revealed that we destroyed 16 of the 20 movements, and finally completed only 4 watches, 3 of which were reserved for Athens, Paris, and Hublot’s own museums, 1 for After the auction, it was donated to the Archaeological Museum of Athens. It is undeniable that these 4 watches have won many fans for Hublot who are willing to pay for other watches under their brand. Coincidentally, Louis Vuitton, who is keen to introduce the concept watch, has also introduced the concept version of the tourbillon, the magic watch and the minute repeater.