Jingdong Watches Blows The Brand “Assembly Number” And Pushes The New Experience Of Watches Online Shopping

On August 23, in order to help the watch brand to open a new situation in e-commerce, Jingdong Watches officially blew its brand rally in Beijing, starting from ‘customer, brand, fashion’ as the starting point and jointly including TAG HEUER , Zenith, Chopard, CITIZEN, MOVADO, Tianwang, Rossini, etc., more than 40 well-known watchmakers at home and abroad, officially held the 2017 Watch Nights and Brand Alliance conference, dedicated to the general Consumers bring a new quality, worry-free and enjoyable new shopping experience.

   As JD.com’s advantages in the supply chain become more prominent, JD.C watches and clocks will continue to increase on the basis of the existing supply chain and continue to introduce in-depth cooperation with well-known brands. This is also the fundamental significance of JD. In order to bring a more high-quality, worry-free and enjoyable shopping experience to consumers, JD.com launched this watch brand alliance to seek more effective ways of cooperation with major watch brands, on the one hand, it can help brands gain better Development space to help the industry upgrade; on the other hand, it can also provide consumers with more credible and rich products, eliminate user pain points and experience barriers, meet the diverse and personalized needs of users, and bring consumers more The choice of quality and functional watches.

[Ms. Ding Xia, President of Jingdong Fashion Business Department delivered a speech]
   At the press conference, Ms. Ding Xia, President of Jingdong Fashion Business Department, put forward three strategic directions that Jingdong Watches is currently focusing on, namely: 1. Upstream channels: looking forward to direct cooperation with many watch brands; 2. Panoramic marketing promotion: Linking with brands , Jointly carry out multi-directional influences such as traditional media, new media, etc .; 3. All-round promotion for customer experience: Continuously research consumer consumption pain points through big data, improve the experience of maintenance and repair, and form a complete full-link worry-free purchase. . When talking about the development goals of JD Watches in the future, Ms. Ding Xia said, ‘JD Watches has become one of the fastest-growing categories in our division after 5 years of development, and has become the industry’s benchmarking platform in the field of e-commerce. In the future, JD Watch will adhere to the concept of customer service first, continuously improve the brand and customer cooperation and shopping experience, and present a better platform to all our merchants and consumers. ‘

[Speech from Fiyta Brand Representative]
   On the day of the press conference, many representative brands from domestic watches, Swiss watches, and Japanese and Korean watches gathered together to share the story of the brand’s growth with JD.com during the process of e-commerce. JD.com has a long history of cooperation with many national watch brands. Since 2009, JD.com watches have successively reached cooperation with Tianwang Watch, Ebo Watch, Fiyta, Seagull Watch, and Rossini. Since then, JD.com has cooperated with five major watch brands. The content of cooperation continues to deepen, and the level of cooperation continues to increase. The famous domestic watch brand Fiyta said: ‘Since 2010, Fiyta Group has begun to cooperate with JD Group. At that time, the era of e-commerce in the form of B2C has just risen and ushering in a blowout industry scale. As the first watch brand to test the water, Fiyta and JD.com have achieved remarkable results in a seven-year cooperation period, and this foundation has become an important cornerstone of today’s strong alliance. ‘

[Speech from the Tag Heuer brand representative]
   As we all know, in the field of luxury goods, Swiss watches are rigorous and cold, with a long history and unique industry culture, they are destined to be very cautious on the way to choose e-commerce. However, in the face of the e-commerce explosion, the Swiss watch brand also inevitably migrated online. In the process, JD.com also became their ideal partner. At the press conference, the traditional Swiss watch brand TAG HEUER, which had chosen JD as a strategic cooperation platform as early as the end of 2015, talked about the feeling of cooperation with JD: ‘When we first went to JD, we actually treated it as pure sales One platform. However, the cooperation with JD now is not just a sales level, but a combination of brand, market, and sales. I hope that in the future, at the brand level and big data, the two sides will have more in-depth and exciting cooperation. ‘ In addition, just in mid-August this year, Chopard, a century-old Swiss luxury jewellery and watch brand that officially landed in JD.com to open a brand concept store, also said: ‘As the top e-commerce platform in China, JD.com is the first time Chopard has tried e-commerce sales in China The ideal partner. This collaboration is an extension of Chopard’s existing business network and also reflects its brand spirit of continuous breakthrough and innovation since its establishment in 1860. ‘

[Speech from the representative of Seiko]
   As one of Japan’s three major watch brands, Seiko shared the brand’s help on the JD platform at the press conference: ‘As the largest self-employed e-commerce platform in the country, JD has a large premium consumer group. Seiko provides a strong sales guarantee, and JD’s huge consumption data has also helped Seiko’s accurate marketing in the Chinese market. Seiko watches will continue to maintain a bold and innovative spirit in the future, adhere to the precise and rigorous production ingenuity, for the majority of JD.com consumers present more sophisticated works. ‘

   In addition to sharing the successful cooperation cases between JD.com and major watch brands, many watch brands at the conference also officially launched exclusive watch products to be released on the JD.com platform, and were attended by outstanding players from the JD.com new face model contest. As a result, all exclusive watches released that night are only available on the JD platform. Interested friends can check the relevant sales information in the brand’s JD official flagship store.
   Jingdong recently proposed the concept of the fourth retail revolution, emphasizing that the power that is now pushing many industries to the window of change is business intelligence. Today, intelligence has become the decisive force to promote the retail industry to the fourth retail revolution. This moves towards the Industrial Internet. Facing the demand for the watch and watch e-commerce industry upgrade, JD.com, which has 258 million middle-class registered users across the country, will make full use of the platform’s advantages and is committed to promoting the intelligent development of online sales in the watch and watch industry and providing marketing brand data support to cooperative brands. For example, the shopping preferences of users in different regions will help co-brand smart stocking. In addition, JD.com will also provide marketing and public relations support to brands, and leverage their service advantages in warehousing, logistics, and after-sales services to empower brand development.
   In addition, JD.com, as the world’s largest online self-operated platform, also bears the purpose and social responsibility of actively promoting the standardization of the industry. It cooperates with the national inspection, which promulgated and implemented the [Administrative Measures] and [Assessment Rules] in accordance with relevant regulations. ], Launched the ‘Jingdong Watches and Watches After Sales’ plan at the same time, providing maintenance services to consumers through qualified maintenance service points, fully displaying the public image of JD.com actively fulfilling its social responsibility.

Brilliant Moments In The Aviation Industry Breitling Has Never Missed

From June 20 to 26, 2011, the 49th Paris International Aerospace Exhibition was held at Paris Bourget Airport. Breitling, a well-known Swiss watch brand that enjoys the reputation of ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’, participates in this air show. Many legendary airplanes and precision Breitling aviation chronograph watches show a long history of Breitling and the world aviation industry. origin. Breitling’s global image ambassador, Hollywood superstar John Travolta was also invited to attend this aviation event. The Paris Air Show is the oldest, largest and most influential air show in the world. Since the 1990s, Breitling has actively participated in the Paris Air Show as the only watch brand with its own exclusive booth. To celebrate this event, which represents the highest level of the world’s aviation industry, Breitling has dedicated a high-altitude flight event in a unique way-the Breitling Jet aerobatic team consisting of 6 L-39C albatross jets (Breitling Jet Team ) A380 passenger bus escorts over Toulouse, France. The Airbus A380 is by far the largest passenger aircraft in the world, with a wingspan of 80 meters, and it is a well-deserved ‘Air Giant’. The L-39C Albatross jet has a wingspan of 9.5 meters, and it looks very dexterous and swift beside the ‘Big Air’. The entire escort flight lasted 50 minutes, and the Breitling jet team fired different formations to accompany the A380 to dance in the blue sky at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour. The eye-catching dark jets, the snow-white A380 and the clear blue sky present spectacular visually stunning pictures.
After completing the escort flight, the Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team appeared at the Breitling booth at the Paris Air Show. The Breitling Wingwalkers and Breitling Super Constellation:
‑The Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team is the only private jet aerobatic team in the world. It consists of 7 Czech-made L-39C albatross jet two-seater trainers. It is powerful and extremely fast, showing it vividly. Courage, speed and precision;
‑Breitling Skywalk aerobatic team consists of two Boeing Steman open-cockpit biplanes from the 1940s. During the performance, two blonde beauties stood at the center of the upper wing, respectively. Exciting acrobatic performances, challenging flight limits in a unique way;
‑The Breitling Super Constellation is one of the only 3 Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellations in Europe that is still the only one in the world that still has flight capabilities. It once dominated the “Atlantic The ‘King of Kings’ is undoubtedly an eternal legend in the history of human aviation. Its charming blue body like a dolphin will surely attract the attention of countless aviation enthusiasts.
At the invitation of Breitling, John Travolta, the spokesperson for the global image of Breitling, also appeared at the air show. The Hollywood superstar who regards flying as the second life has more than 5,000 hours of flying experience and eight types of aircraft driver’s licenses, including the Boeing 747-400 large passenger jet. Because of the common pursuit of the joy of flying freely, as well as the passion to challenge the limit and break through self, John Travolta has always been a loyal fan of Breitling watches.
As the most trusted partner in the aviation industry, Breitling has been flying alongside the world aviation industry for more than a century. Since the first aviation chronograph was provided to pilots in 1915, a number of precision flight timepieces such as the Breitling Navitimer have been the favorite of professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts; they became British in the late 1930s From the RAF chronograph supplier, the accurate and reliable Breitling cockpit timer has witnessed the legendary development of the human aviation industry. In 1999, Breitling Orbiter 3 completed the first non-stop global flight of humans, etc. Constantly challenge the limits of flying … Bronze has a long history of aviation industry and actively participates in many aviation events around the world to witness the latest achievements of the aviation industry.

Maurice Lacroix Supports The First Kite Skateboarding Across The Strait Of Magellan

Two Zurich dentists drove a kiteboard 560 kilometers, crossing the Magellan Strait under extreme weather conditions, setting a world record and taking kitesurfing to a whole new level. This expedition is sponsored and supported by Maurice Lacroix, with the slogan ‘Achieve eternity at this moment.’

The strong sea breeze, piercing low temperatures, and extremely low visibility make it difficult for the two expeditionary team members to achieve feats. Adventurers Geza Scholtz and André Scholtz are dentists in Zurich’s Seiffert district and keen surfers. They have a big dream: to fly a kite and skate across the Strait of Magellan. On January 7, 2013, the Scholtz brothers finally made their dreams come true. ‘We congratulate the challenge team, and their success once again proves a truth: if people want their dreams to come true, they must always stick to their dreams. Even if the conditions are extremely difficult, the adventure team still perfectly grasps the opportunity and conquers all challenges. Said Marc Gläser, executive general manager of Le Méridien, the sponsor of the adventure.
The Strait of Magellan lies between the southernmost tip of South America and Tierra del Fuego, and is named after the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan. In 1520, Magellan became the first navigator to cross the strait on a global voyage. Since the Panama Canal opened in 1914, the Magellan Strait has been the only choice for large transport vessels that cannot pass the canal. The strait is recognized as one of the most difficult and dangerous routes in the world for its icy waters, howling winds and poor visibility. Crossing the strait requires exploration team members to work together and work together. With their extraordinary endurance in sports, they created a world-first initiative, making Le Méridien’s adventure journey across the Strait of Magellan ‘a glorious page in history.

‘Even if we reached the limit, we persisted until we reached the end. It feels amazing to be able to achieve our goals.’ Kitesurfer Geza Scholtz said during the ‘Le Méridien Crossing the Magellan Strait’.

If The Big Names Are Using His Case, Dial, Movement …

Before and after this year’s Basel watch exhibition, I received invitations to visit three watch factories: Parmigiani, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Powell, but due to the problem of time coordination, only Parma was finally completed. Johnny’s. In fact, the appointment with Parmigiani’s watch factory was delayed for several years. They had approached me twice in the past few years, but because of these and other reasons, they have always been fateful, and they were all done by their colleagues. This time, finally I was able to make it, but it was a wish. I figured it out. In the past 12 years, I have probably visited 25 brand factories, and some factories have visited more than once, or even more than two times-like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Bulgari, Blancpain, Cartier, Love Peter, Montblanc, and Earl have been there at least twice. There are also some watch factories that have missed because of delays, such as Glashütte Original, Hublot, Zenith, IWC, Tissot, and the previously mentioned Powell. As for the Jaeger-LeCoultre also visited many years ago, but later they moved to a brand-new big workshop, really want to see some, and can only wait for the next opportunity. I have gone to study the factory with a pen and a notebook, and I probably know the process, and how a watch takes shape from scratch. But every year, I always hope to have the opportunity to go to the watch factory and feel the atmosphere of the watch factory. Watching the watchmaker’s work table under the large window glass, reflecting the light, concentrating on polishing and modifying the parts, assembling and adjusting the movement, fitting them with the dial and hands, and putting them into the case, and then undergoing various tests, Finally put on the strap … I think this is a ‘pilgrimage’. The watchmakers are fully focused on assembling the movement. I always think that no matter how many brand news materials are read, how many movements are mastered, how many models have been tried, or even how many watches are collected, they are not as good as you. Go to the watch factory to witness the entire watchmaking process in person, and then you can truly admire and express admiration for high-end watchmaking, because that is really a magical process. When you see the artisans repeatedly polish a part to make it from rough to a mirror-like gloss, this is not done by the machine, but by human hands, step by step, from roughing to the end After the completion, several different tools, grinding wheels of different thicknesses should be used, and checked repeatedly under the magnifying glass. Exquisite sanding and trimming is the most basic entry for advanced watchmaking. It requires the assembly shop to be completely dust-free, because no matter how fine it is, it can not let any dust and debris get on the movement. The watchmakers immersed themselves in assembling hundreds or even thousands of small parts. This is not a jigsaw puzzle or a combination of Lego blocks, because some parts are as small as Maiman needle tips. You must not see the artificial ruby ​​fork tile that is about the same size as the needle tip on the pallet fork. Some brands like to let the media or customers experience the “fun” of disassembling and assembling the movement. Call for help. The most exaggerated thing is that a brand asked me to try to add an artificial ruby ​​fork tile to the pallet fork in the factory. You know, the artificial ruby ​​fork tile is really not larger than the needle tip … I surrendered naturally in the end. . Let me talk about this trip to Parmigiani! In the valley at the end of March, there is still snow in the beautiful and peaceful Flerier town, Parmigiani. It is a niche brand. The founder is Mr. Parmigiani, a master craftsman of antique watch repair. At the age of 26, he opened an independent workshop focusing on the restoration of antique art, and for this reason became associated with the Sandoz Family Foundation. In 1996, with the support of the foundation, the Parmigiani brand was founded. Unlike many brands of outsourced movements, the Foundation has made forward-looking decisions: brands must not only design movements, but also produce movements, and even produce all parts to meet the highest level of craftsmanship they cherish. So through a series of acquisitions of small and excellent suppliers, many manufacturers of movement components, cases and dials were quickly integrated. In less than 6 years, Parmigiani has fully monitored the entire production process, from the smallest parts to the final assembly. Parmigiani’s new 2019 watches are in Switzerland. There are probably more than 10 brands like Parmigiani with comprehensive watchmaking capabilities. And Parmigiani not only serves its own brand, but also supplies other brands. When you come to the case, dial, and movement factory of Parmigiani, you will find many other brands of timepiece photos hanging on the wall, and most of them are ringing high-end brands or independent watch brands-here Forgive me, I ca n’t tell you which brands, because I was specifically warned that this will affect the agreement and tacit understanding between the watch factory and the entrusted brands, but believe me, they are definitely famous and have a high status in the minds of watch fans. Think about it, if these brands come here to customize or case, or dial, or movement, then it is conceivable that how can Parmigiani combine these cases, dials, and movements in quality? Bad! Parmigiani’s watchmaking center has five departments: 1.Les Artisans Boîtiers: case factory. Able to manufacture various materials, shapes, craftsmanship and high complexity watch cases. First use 3D stereo software (CAD) for research and development, then use 3D printing technology to mold, and then use computer numerically controlled machine tools (CNC) to make, and then carry out all kinds of manual polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, waterproof and air pressure test, and finally build Finished. Polishing or polishing 2. Quadrance & Habillage: Dial factory. The bottom plate of the dial is first stamped and formed by a computer numerical control machine, followed by surface treatment and coloring steps. Depending on requirements, it is also embossed or plated, and then the entire component is coated with colorless or colored paint for protection. Mark. These two factories are now integrated in a large building in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and this is the first stop of our visit. Cases and dials factory produces a variety of watch cases to produce a variety of dials 3.Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier: movement factory. Founded in 2003, Vaucher is relatively well-known, located in Fleurier, and is the second stop of our visit. It produces high-quality manual and self-winding mechanical movements and various other functional modules, which are provided to many high-end watch brands. In addition to the workshop with CNC machining, cutting and embossing operations, it also has large machinery workshops and several workshops for pre-assembly, assembly and commissioning of movements. The movements are all finely decorated and hand-chamfered. In addition, the research and development department here continues to develop and manufacture new movements. Vaucher movement factory relies on computer software to design the movement. It relies on CNC machine tools to produce various components. 4.Atokalpa: Parts factory and tool factory. Not only can all the gear components required for the transmission system be produced here, but since 2006, all parts of the speed control system can also be produced here, including balance springs, balances, pallets, escapement wheels. In addition, there is a specialized tool building department, which is self-sufficient and produces its own machines and tools for producing parts. 5.Elwin: Parts factory and machine tool factory. Adopt high-precision micro-mechanical technology to manufacture pendulum shaft and other complex components. In addition, it can manufacture CNC machine tools and develop IT software programs for these machines. It is a pity that we could not visit the last two factories because of the time, because this is not seen by many other watch factories-you know, in Switzerland, even some watch factories claiming to make their own movements, most of them Nor does it have the ability to make balances, hairsprings, or pallet forks and escapement wheels, which are generally outsourced. Perhaps because some exclusive technologies are in it, so afraid of media exposure! Parmigiani’s headquarters welcomes us personally. The person standing on the right is the brand’s general manager of China, Alan Dong. Of course, Parmigiani started by repairing antique clocks and watches. The antique watch repair department in the company’s headquarters. We came to the headquarters and Mr. Parmigiani himself came out and shook hands with us one by one. Two old gentlemen in the antique watch repair department are working, showing us the results of their repairs, some very interesting works. One of the little bird mechanical devices fanned the wings and started to sing loudly when they started. Finally, we also visited the ‘Fondation Qualité Fleurier’ like a dragonfly. I visited here 3 years ago when I visited a Chopard watch factory. In fact, this stringent FQF certification was created by the three watch brands in Fleurier, Parmigiani, Chopard, and Powell, in conjunction with some government public units. How stringent is FQF certification? First of all, the watch must be 100% Swiss-made, and secondly, the movement must meet the high-quality finishing aesthetic standards. These two are similar to the requirements of the ‘Mark of Geneva’, but then they must first be certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). ) And Chronofiable’s durability test, the final assembled watch is put into a simulator called ‘Fleuritest’ for 24 hours of continuous testing, the simulator will simulate the human arm’s swinging, waving, oscillating, stationary and other actions During this time, the travel time accuracy of the watch must reach the standard of daily error 0 ~ + 5 seconds. The Fleurier Quality Foundation FQF has been accepting applications for certification since 2004. Fifteen years have passed. There are only a few brands that have passed this certification. These three founding brands have not received many watches. Mainly, this certification is really too strict, but at least we can see the intention of these brands to pursue the highest quality. This reminds me of the recent “Belt and Road” slogan on TV: “Although the road is far away, there is no one!” The point is that the brand must have this ambition first. This is a commitment to consumers, but also a brand to itself. Unremitting commitment. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for authorization.