French Style Classic Continues Roger Vivier Roger • Vivia Guangzhou Taikoo Hui Boutique Opening

Paris luxury accessories brand Roger Vivier Roger Vivier opened boutiques in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Wuxi, Tianjin, Chengdu and Qingdao in October of this year in Guangzhou, China. The first boutique was opened and the opening reception was held recently. On the day of the event, the brand invited the famous movie star Carina Lau to attend. Carina Lau’s graceful and bold temperament perfectly interpreted the unique French elegance of Roger Vivier.
  Roger Vivier’s outstanding artistic heritage and tradition of excellence have expanded his expertise from shoes and handbags to small leather goods, jewelry and sunglasses, and gradually developed into a world-renowned luxury accessory brand. Vivian style is highly respected by elegant women. Creative director Bruno Frisoni Bruno Frisoni injects new fashion and artistic elements into the brand every season, constantly exploring and enriching Roger Vivier’s design and idea.

Roger Vivier Guangzhou Taikoo Hui Boutique
  Roger Vivier’s new boutique, covering an area of ​​184 square meters, is located in Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou’s most luxurious shopping center. Taikoo Hui is a high-end comprehensive commercial complex in Guangzhou that integrates leisure and entertainment with culture and art. The opening of Roger Vivier will bring the highest quality products and distinguished services to customers in Guangzhou.
Chic decoration embodies artistic essence
  Roger Vivier Guangzhou boutique continues the brand’s unique decorative style. Here is a full display of Roger Vivier’s latest season products. This is not only a boutique full of creativity, but also a real brand home. Its unique decorative design permeates the elegance of France and contains the essence of Roger Vivier’s art.
  The store’s unique design reflects the noble, elegant and fashionable avant-garde of the brand; the decoration of the store is constantly interpreted and changed, creating a dreamy atmosphere and evoking the comfort of the heart. Sourced from various antique furniture stores in Paris, or commissioned by contemporary artists, the furniture is reminiscent of the interior design of the brand’s founder, Mr. Roger Vivia: a long-established Louis XV style table, an antique mirror , As well as antique lamps and low tables from the 1970s, as well as masterpieces by Canadian artist Jessica Eaton. This design illustrates the rich contrast between classic style and modern taste.
Original style creates exclusive beauty
  Since 2004, Bruno has vividly interpreted Vivia’s elegant style, instilling its fashion atmosphere, leading the brand to keep pace with the times, and also maintaining the unique design essence, revealing the taste of modernity, more in line with modern women’s elegant and comfortable design It is required to create a design revolution through a series of high-quality shoes and accessories with exquisite craftsmanship and unique style.
  Roger Vivier regards each product as a work of art. In the fall and winter of 2014, Bruno took creative inspiration from the Asian luxury markets, the clothing worn by prairie nomads and the carpets from the East to inject new products into the product. The elements seem to blow a breeze of fashion accessories in a modern and luxurious boutique.
  ‘Roger Vivier Miss Viv ‘Fashion Film Festival’ recently appeared in Shanghai. The style art photography exhibition aims to convey the brand spirit of Vivia: French style, classic design and exquisite craftsmanship. Ambra and many other celebrities participated in the shooting together, sharing the brand’s colorful and timeless, novel and rich vitality characteristics with everyone.

Carina Lau attends the opening reception of Roger Vivier’s Taikoo Hui boutique in Guangzhou

Carina Lau holds Miss Viv in red crocodile skin ‘appears at Roger Vivier Roger Vivia Guangzhou Taikoo Hui boutique

Carina Lau holds a bright yellow crocodile skin Miss Viv ‘appears at Roger Vivier Roger Vivia Guangzhou Taikoo Hui boutique
Innovative spirit blends classic elements
  Roger Vivier is always at the cutting edge of the times, with avant-garde and innovative design styles, constantly creating a timeless classic legend. Square buckles, commas, Miss Viv’and other names have become a favorite style of many ladies. Each season will break the original concept in color, material, craftsmanship, and design, and keep the classic elements intact. It will create a perfect balance of quality, luxury, wisdom, fun, and break the boundaries of style and attitude.

Bright yellow crocodile leather Miss Viv’RMB 205,300
  All Vivian fashion elements are condensed on Miss Viv’handbags. Bruno reinterpreted this great fashion classic, adding historic buckles. Miss Viv’handbags are also known as“ First Lady Bags ”. Former French First Lady Madame Carla Bruni Sarkozy wore Miss Viv’ handbags many times to attend French national leadership meetings.
  Prismick is another classic Vivia style. Each season Prismick will incorporate new concepts and materials. With metal chains, it can be adjusted to two lengths. The Prismick bag has soft lines and three-dimensional body. The autumn and winter models have metal Made of leather with ‘crash’, showing noble style.
  The brand new Stiletto-Sphère, a spherical gemstone heel. This piece supports the body with a pointed heel and a ball is adorned at the root. This piece integrates the concept of architecture and inlaid the shining spherical gemstone in Between the heel and the shoes, let women shine with their hands.
  The edgy Virgule comma heel was first used in booties. Avant-garde styling is suitable for various combinations, showing Vivia’s unique style.

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Officine Panerai Has Won Multiple International Awards

Officine Panerai Bronzo 47mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Professional Diving Bronze Watch released by Officine Panerai in 2011, derived from Panerai as Egyptian Navy more than half a century ago Watches made by commandos. The case is made of bronze, which has been inseparable from the sea world since ancient times. It is full of fascinating ocean atmosphere, reminiscent of the Panerai Panerai and the sea have a deep history.
In Europe, the Bronzo 47mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Professional Diving Bronze Watch won the 2012 Wallpaper Design Award-awarded by the British ‘Wallpaper’-‘Wallpaper’ is an authoritative voice in modern design Magazines covering topics such as architecture, modern design, materials, fashion, travel.

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950

Hong Kong is the world’s market with the highest proportion of connoisseurs and collectors of fine watches. The unique Bronzo 47mm 3-day power reserve automatic professional diving bronze watch is well received here-including some of the most influential collectors and professional journalists The jury included was named one of the ‘Top Ten Chinese Watches’. Still in Asia, the watch was awarded the Watch of the Year by Japan’s World Wrist Watch.
On the other side of the Pacific also won awards: the Bronzo 47mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Professional Diving Bronze Watch was awarded the ‘Sports Watch of the Year’ by the Mexican magazine ‘Tiempo de Relojes’.
Officine Panerai 2011 another watch series also won the international award: Luminor Chrono Daylight chronograph in Germany’s top industry exhibition Munichtime Munich timetable exhibition won the best watch in the ‘sport dynamic’ category.

Focus 2013 Sihh Tasting Rm 039 E6-b Flight Calculator Flying Back Chronograph Tourbillon Watch

The 2013 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show has just come to an end, and major brands have made every effort to seize the opportunity. Richard Mille, the leading brand of ultra-complex watches, has even launched at this time The complexity and sophistication of the RM 039 E6-B flight calculator flyback chronograph tourbillon watch is amazing to watch professionals! Next, Watch House will bring you a comprehensive analysis of this watch.

   This watch has a ‘high-tech’ feel in all aspects, let us unveil its mystery in every aspect.

   Richard Mille’s watch uses flying materials and visual coding for flight to create a great flying tool for pilots. The watch is made of titanium with titanium lugs and is limited to 30 pieces.

   The reason why this watch is called a super complicated wrist is because the RM039 has a manually wound tourbillon movement, hour and minute display, small seconds at 6 o’clock, large date display, flyback chronograph function, central minutes and seconds. Chronograph, hour counter at 9 o’clock, world coordinated time, countdown function, function selector and power reserve display, E6-B calculator in the two-way rotating bezel can be used to read and calculate fuel consumption, flight time, Ground speed, wind speed effects, and quick measurement unit conversion (nautical mile / km / gallon / liter / foot / kg / pound). It can be said that it is a watch that brings together the wisdom of the successful bidder.

   In order to present these complex functions on one watch at the same time, 750 new parts have also been developed. This vast project has been concentrated into a machine with a diameter of only 38.95 mm and a thickness of only 7.95 mm. In the core. It is worth noting that this aviation flight watch must be equipped with 6 buttons to be able to operate complex calculations and instructions.

   Richard Miller’s optimization also improved the adjustment procedures of the stopwatch’s start timing, stop timing, and zeroing. The flyback timing device has more restrictions on assembly and adjustment because of its dual functions. This device with a central minute and second timing function, in addition to the flyback timing function, can also use the minute hand as a countdown hand, however, this design does not allow any slight mechanical errors, otherwise it may damage the entire movement.

   After optimizing the flyback timing function, the components of the movement are more coordinated and can withstand a wider range of use errors, such as when the wearer presses multiple buttons at the same time, or when using the flyback function while pressing When the countdown function is down, the movement will not be damaged, all of which are due to the greatly improved safety between the parts of the movement. The watch factory has invested a lot of effort in research to ensure the long-term optimal operation of the extremely complex flyback / countdown device.

   The RM 039 E6-B Flight Calculator Pilot’s Watch provides almost all the information of the famous E6-B calculator. The biggest difference between the RM 039 and other flying watches is that it can use the mobile pillar built in the 2 o’clock position pillar to calculate the density height. This unprecedented feature was first introduced into the watch industry by the RM 039.

Summary: The RM 039 E6-B flight calculator flyback chronograph tourbillon watch with about 750 movement parts and 200 case parts is enough to rank among the world’s most precious super-complex watches. At the same time, it has the ultimate complexity and technical performance, it is the perfect blend of watchmaking technology and aerospace technology, and accompany pilots to surpass the most severe challenges in flight.