Jacques De Lo Presents Only Watch Watch With Gold Leaf Carved Enamel Hour And Minute Dial

‘Time’ can also be a gift for others. The Only Watch Charity Auction is hosted by the Monaco Anti-Muscular Dystrophy Association and its chairman Luc Pettavino. It has been an authoritative charity auction for the watch industry for ten years, gathering the most prestigious brands and institutions in Monaco. The watch factory participated in the auction, and the funds raised were used for the study of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
   This auction is held every two years, and Jaquet Droz has been a partner for many years and continued to support this initiative in 2015. Only Watch and Jaquet Droz share a common philosophy of pursuing excellence and committing to long-term research. This spirit is now condensed into an extraordinary timepiece, featuring the most exquisite craftsmanship of Jaquet Droz masters. The first thing worth mentioning is the long-established gold foil carving process.

   The gold foil carving process is inherited from the Renaissance gold and silver craftsmen, that is, using subtle gold foil leaves and placing them one by one with smart and meticulous methods to form relief patterns. It is then supplemented with a very fine enamel process to obtain the desired hue and the deepness of the translucent enamel, which makes the sun rays decorate. In the art workshop of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Jaquet Droz continues to inherit this decoration technique that has been passed down for nearly three centuries. However, while respecting tradition, the brand is also eager to innovate: For the first time, Jaquet Droz used a modern watch, one of the brand’s signature watches, the Petite Heure Minute The gold leaf engraving craftsmanship decorates a 43mm 18K yellow gold case with a deep red Grand Feu enamel dial. This color tone is extremely difficult to burn. When Only Watch was held, it symbolized the pursuit of perfection of Jaquet Droz, and echoed the color of the Monaco flag.
   The pursuit of excellence is not limited to the appearance and decoration: the movement is equipped with a silicon hairspring. The silicon material has excellent flexibility, impact resistance, temperature difference resistance, compression resistance and magnetic field resistance performance, ensuring that the watch is stable and perfect. This is the first time Jaquet Droz has applied a silicon hairspring to a Petite Heure Minute. The sapphire crystal case back is engraved with the ‘unique piece Only Watch 2015’ inscription. Through the case back, you can enjoy the beauty of the movement. This unique timepiece is elegant and elegant, bringing together the brand’s unique decorative elements, whether it is curved lugs, top hand-rolled alligator leather straps, or 18K yellow gold integrated pin buckle, showing luxury.
   The gold leaf carved enamel hour and minute dial watch (Petite Heure Minute Paillonnée Only Watch) will be displayed during the Monaco Yacht Show from September 23 to 26, and then toured in Asia, the Americas and Europe, and finally Unveiled at an auction in Geneva on Saturday, November 7. For high-end watch enthusiasts, this will be a great opportunity to buy a unique timepiece, and it also contains the spirit of generosity: giving time to others, making each moment better and more exciting.