Gucci Watch Jewelry Launches New Gucci Sync Watch

In order to interact with creative and music-loving customers, GUCCI SYNC watches from Gucci Watch Jewelry are based on Social, Young, Network, and Community ‰ For the design concept, always live up to its name.

 This time, Gucci watch jewellery adds a new style to SYNC watches. Khaki green, rough style. Khaki green GUCCI SYNC watches are available in large (36 mm) and XXL (46 mm) sizes. The main color of khaki green is paired with the red second hand, and Gucci’s highly recognizable stripe design elements run through the strap and embellish the crown. In short, the overall beauty of color jumps and contrasts.

 Other Gucci signature details are also incorporated, including the matte interlocking GG ‰ logo on the surface and the Gucci logo engraved on the stainless steel case at 9 o’clock. The stadium-shaped steel bezel, sunburst surface, Stainless steel and khaki green transparent nylon case, khaki green rubber strap · GUCCI SYNC Through the cool combination of color, texture and material to create a trendy, urban modern watch.

 GUCCI SYNC is only sold through online channels.

Eccentricity Xu Haoyue Glashütte Original Eccentric Moon Phase Watch Midsummer Date

Eccentric watches have always been known for their unique asymmetric dials. Behind the simple layout is the golden ratio that has fascinated countless artists. The slim bezel gives the dial more space, and the asymmetrical design style is more prominent. In the midsummer season, you can see the charming blue at first sight-two original eccentric moon phase watches from Glashütte. Meeting with eccentric love, wearing Haoyue between his wrists, the eccentric moon phase watch embodies centuries-old German craftsmanship.

Golden ratio design
   People’s pursuit of beauty is eternal, and the golden ratio has been regarded as the supreme code of aesthetics since ancient times. German astronomer Kepler even referred to the golden section as the ‘sacred section’ and highly praised it. He believes that the golden ratio is the most wonderful law that the Creator has given to nature.

   From the Egyptian pyramids to Notre Dame, people frequently use the golden ratio in architecture and art to find the beauty of balance and harmony. Glashütte’s original presentation of the golden ratio on the dial has become an important element that catches people’s attention, and it is also the secret of the watchmakers and the watch. This aesthetic, which follows the golden section, captures the subtlety of the layout and harmoniously displays two important and complex devices: exquisite handmade moon phases and a unique large calendar window.

   Use the moon phases to appreciate the alternation of the sun and the moon, use the big calendar to remind the date, and record the phantom of time. The perfect presentation of the golden ratio makes the eccentric moon phase dial another symbol of the Glashütte original brand, which can be recognized before the brand logo is seen. The hands are arranged on the vertical axis on the left side of the dial, the large calendar window is located at 4 o’clock on the lower right, and the moon phase is 2 o’clock on the upper right of the dial. The overall layout is natural, perfectly showing the elegant characteristics of the eccentric moon phase series watch, which makes people unable to look away.

   Glashütte’s original and unique large calendar was invented in 1997. The two centrally arranged disks make the double-digit display not separated, and the two numbers are perfectly displayed on a plane, making the date look completely legible, ensuring eccentricity Moon phase watches are beautiful and elegant. After 20 years, today’s large calendar has become one of Glashütte’s original signs. The upper right corner of the meniscus is also hand-made by Glashütte’s original own dial factory Pforzheim. The silver moon and stars are deeply embedded in the blue night sky, adding elegance to the watch.

Cool summer picks

   The depth, power and freedom represented by dark blue are also presented on this men’s eccentric moon phase watch. The blue of this eccentric moon phase watch comes from Glashütte’s original and own Pforzheim dial factory. More than 40 processes have carefully created a calm atmosphere, and the collision between steel and dark blue is undoubtedly cleared. After the summer irritability, people calm down magically. With a dark blue leather strap, it is an option not to be missed in summer. The watch is equipped with a 90-02 movement, a power reserve of 42 hours, and excellent performance.

   The brightest time is condensed on this sky blue ladies’ watch, with 83 selected high-gloss diamonds surrounding it, making the watch sparkle and highlight the feminine beauty. The unique texture of the dial comes from Glashütte’s original selection of natural mother-of-pearl, and each ladies eccentric moon phase watch is unique and exquisite. This sky blue watch is equipped with a crocodile leather strap from Louisiana.