Tag Heuer Brand Ambassador Jensen Button Enters The World Championship For Car King!

Jenson Button, F1 World Champion and TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador, has confirmed that he will participate in the 2015 World Championship.
   Jenson Button currently plays for the McLaren Honda team and has participated in more than 280 grand prix races since 2000. He has so far reached the podium 50 times and won 15 championships. There is no doubt that his most glorious year was undoubtedly the exciting 2009 season. At that year, he played as the main player in the Brown team and won the world championship in the F1 World Championship the following year.
   He has competed in the World King of Cars four times, most recently in 2011. Patton’s record is particularly impressive, especially in 2009, when he broke into the semi-finals of the World Chess Championship and partnered with Andy Priaulx to represent the British team in the ROC National Cup to reach the final. Now, with the support of fans from his hometown in London, Barton will once again launch an attack on the championship.
   He will face fierce competition from fellow Formula One drivers, such as Sebastian Vettel, Romain Grosjean, Nico Hülkenberg, and Felipe Massa) and Daniel Ricciardo will also compete against other types of drivers such as the Rally Championship, Le Mans Endurance, Formula E and other drivers. All drivers are champions in all fields, but only one driver can be crowned champion of the year!
   ‘I can’t wait to return to the World Championship of King of Kings, especially this year at the former Olympic Stadium in my hometown of London. This grand event is always full of good atmosphere. You will be with your field And other drivers in other fields around the world. We will meet old and new friends in all forms of racing and enjoy happy time inside and outside the field. ‘
   ‘The race is always fun, but everyone wants to do a good show for the fans. Of course, we must keep calm before driving the car to stop at the starting line to present it all. Also, I am very much looking forward to meeting Alex Buncombe played in the ROC National Cup. Germany beat us at Wembley in 2007 and 2008, so now we are ready to fight them back in London. All I have to do now is welcome Fans go to the former Olympic Stadium at the end of this month to cheer for us … ‘
   Good luck to Button!