Appreciation Of Jaeger-lecoultre Watch From Top Craftsmanship

Well-known watches, in addition to those puzzling labels, what else can be memorable? Features? large size? Or that dazzling publicity presentation? It is undeniable that at the moment of seeing a watch, the most eye-catching are often those colorful ‘craftsmanship’. The watch craftsmanship of the ghostly axe can greatly increase the value of the watch, and is also the threshold to enter the hall of high-end watches. And craft-grade watches should be appreciated from four aspects: movement, case, strap, buckle. Jaeger LeCoultre watch, this watch uses snowflake mosaic technology to outline clouds with diamonds.
Custom pattern: The manual mechanical engraving process has a history of nearly a century. Because the manufacturing process is too complicated, it is almost lost now. Only a few high-end brands use it. The combination of straight lines and geometric lines constitutes its charming pattern.
IlloGuilloche relies on a rose flower machine to control the depth and uniformity of the pattern on the carved surface with the force of a finger. Traditional lathes are fixed moving heads, while Guilloche is fixed moving heads. This requires very high experience and skills. It has reached the highest level in the field of sculpting. Today, there are less than 50 people who can master this skill.

The Perfect Match Of Geometric Shapes Tasting The Piaget Black Tie Emperador Pillow Watch

Even today, Piaget is still one of the few brands in the world that has the most fruits and has been awarded the highest honor of ‘comprehensive manufacturer’. That is to say, all production processes from design, research, development to manufacturing are made by Brands do it themselves.

  Piaget’s Black Tie watch series is known for its elegance, precision and perfect performance, which fully reflects Piaget’s philosophy of excellence and showcases the brand’s most exquisite movement. This collection uses at least 14 Piaget movements, including the world’s thinnest tourbillon movement and perpetual calendar movement. Four watches inspired by Piaget traditions, all show rare elegance and extraordinary craftsmanship. The Black Tie series is not only a high-end watch series, but also a symbol of the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship. Today, the Watch House will bring you an Earl Black cushion pillow watch of the Earl Black Tie series. The official model is G0A32016.

  At first glance, this Emperador cushion watch is 42 mm in diameter. 18K white gold case. Dial with 18K white gold hour markers. Sapphire crystal case back. Equipped with Piaget 850P self-winding mechanical movement with small seconds, date and second time zone display. The white gold case is perfectly and harmoniously matched with different geometric shapes, reflecting Piaget’s original creativity. The exquisitely crafted movement not only has the hour, minute and small seconds display, but also can accurately display the second time of the day and night. It is also equipped with a large date display window, which clearly displays various functions on the elegantly designed dial.

  The serrated crown in white gold is classically elegant, clean and engraved with Piaget’s classic ‘P’ logo.

  This watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap, which adopts the stitching process, which reflects the pure Swiss watchmaking tradition.

  The side of the case is made of brushed metal, with clear lines and more quality. The 8 o’clock side adjuster can quickly adjust the second time display.

  The buckle adopts a detachable folding buckle, made of platinum, with fine workmanship, sturdy and durable. It is also engraved with Piaget’s English LOGO as decoration, and the subtleties show the meticulousness and exquisiteness of the brand watchmaking.

  The length of the lugs is relatively short, the arc is smooth and natural, and it is perfectly integrated with the case. It fits the wrist very well and is comfortable and flexible.

  The silver-plated dial and the engraving on the outer ring complement the different geometric shapes in a harmonious and unique design.
There is a small second dial at 5 o’clock. The second city display is located at 7 o’clock, and there is a day / night display. The date at 12 o’clock is clear at a glance. Definitely the best travel watch for traveling.

  A sapphire crystal caseback on the back offers an exquisite ultra-thin movement. The Piaget 850P self-winding movement is known as the ‘traveler’s movement’. Like its 800P counterpart, this movement is also equipped with a dual barrel, which features three features for contemporary travelers. Very useful features: second time zone display, day / night display, and date window at 12 o’clock. The 12-hour time zone display of the movement is located at 7 o’clock. When the second time zone display is adjusted, it does not affect the departure time driven by the central movement. The day / night display in the same display panel operates according to the departure time, so that the day and night changes in the country of residence can be known. A small seconds hand at 5 o’clock on the back of the main display makes this movement perfect and a companion for travelers around the world. Decorative details such as the circular Geneva wavy pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, the blue steel screws, and the oscillating weight of the movement with the Piaget family emblem exemplify the aesthetic standards this Swiss watch brand upholds The movement is even more outstanding.

  Summary: For people who travel around the world, a dual time zone watch is a must-have for home. Piaget perfectly controlled the design and time of this watch, showing rare elegance and extraordinary skills, it is a watch worth buying. The current domestic price of this watch is 248,700 yuan.

Dazzling Light In The Deep Ocean: Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare

The new BallWatch EngineerHydrocarbonSubmarineWarfare series is not afraid of the dark abyss, not only shows the powerful brightness on the dial, the one-way rotating bezel is also inlaid with a self-luminous miniature gas lamp, in a dim environment Both can indicate the position at 12 o’clock. The case made of titanium and a number of patented designs also ensure that the watch can withstand the challenges of harsh environments. The precision of the automatic mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Observatory is unquestionable. Comprehensive design, ready for all-weather exploration.

SubmarineWarfare titanium case, gas-indicating unidirectional rotating bezel, diameter 42 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, BALLRR1102-C automatic winding movement, COSC certification, sapphire crystal glass, special engraving Bottom cover, waterproof 300 meters.
 Regardless of whether it is dark on land or low visibility in the deep sea, SubmarineWarfare’s one-way rotating bezel is inlaid with a self-luminous miniature gas lamp that clearly displays the dive time. The hour scale on the dial is composed of three-dimensional rod-shaped self-luminous miniature gas lamps. Different sizes and colors form a bright night vision effect. The hours, minutes, and seconds are also equipped with such a miniature gas lamp that can emit light without external light sources. Reading in the dark is still easy.

Miniature gas lamps present bright orange and green luminous lights in the dark.
 The SubmarineWarfare’s case is cast from titanium and is one-piece, strong and lightweight. And the unidirectional rotating bezel made of stainless steel is available in two styles, matching the simple style of original stainless steel color, or the play with blue PVD coating. The bezel is engraved with a 60-minute scale and is inlaid with a self-luminous miniature gas lamp. The original intention is to allow divers to quickly calculate the dive time, but it is also used in other activities. The blue PVD-coated model goes one step further in terms of function. The outer ring scale uses ‘SuperLumiNova’ to enhance night vision.

 The 300-meter professional waterproof function allows you to explore the depths of the ocean without restraint; the patented Amortiser® shock-resistant design protects the movement from impact and allows you to explore the border of Xinjiang. BALLWatch also understands that artificial magnetic fields have become a part of daily life, so SubmarineWarfare is equipped with a special metal protective cover to ensure that the watch can withstand magnetic fields up to 80,000A / m.

The SubmarineWarfare caseback is engraved with the US Navy submarine logo.
 The strap made of titanium and stainless steel is sturdy and reliable, whether it is to meet the challenges of daily wear or sudden collisions. The patented three-fold buckle made of high-quality stainless steel is also known for its durability and can withstand 1,400 Newtons. In addition to being tough, the comfort of wearing is also taken into consideration. The butterfly button design is suitable for both men and women. And the buckle can be extended up to 22mm when needed, making SubmarineWarfare your best partner to explore the world.

Blancpain Mother-of-pearl Dial Red Heart Limited Edition Commemorative Female Watch

This year’s Saint Valentin 2013 watch from Blancpain has only three hands moving and the date function. Blancpain avoided complex structures this time, instead focusing on decoration. The simplicity of the dial mother-of-pearl contrasts with the liveliness of the heart.
Blancpain Mother of Pearl Dial Red Heart Limited Edition Commemorative Women’s Watch
Blancpain has a tradition that every year the Le Brassus factory will present a limited edition women’s watch to commemorate the most romantic day of the year. Although this is a passionate and romantic theme, this series has a lot of solemn mechanical watches. Last year’s watch was equipped with a flyback chronograph function, and the previous year Blancpain added a full calendar moon phase function. But this year’s Saint Valentin 2013 watch, only three hands are rotating, and the date function. Blancpain avoided complex structures this time, instead focusing on decoration. The simplicity of the dial mother-of-pearl contrasts with the liveliness of the heart.
The processing of red hearts is a bit difficult. Each heart is used in liquid form until it is completely solidified after firing. The side of the case is decorated with more red hearts, adding a romantic sweetness. The bezel is set with sparkling diamonds. Unlike previous watches, this one will not be limited to 14 pieces, but will be produced in 99 pieces.