Mo Wrists Thin Unisex Reload ‘canned’

The beloved wife, who is always diligent and frugal, is browsing Apple’s apple watch in front of the computer. I went to her and asked her if you saw this? ‘It feels very cheap for ordinary models. I usually buy it for a long time, and I don’t feel bad when I wear it.’
   The appearance of the ‘Apple Watch’ … a small touch screen is tied to the wrist, the face value is too low. So I agreed with my beloved wife and I helped her pick a watch. I am required to wear a good-looking appearance, with a date display, water resistance in daily life, and do not like to wear the watch on rest days (not a quartz movement), the price should be the price that does not hurt her .
   Called a friend in Tokyo with a group and asked if I could bring me a piece of Seiko SEIKO’s ‘Canned Food’ (SBBN015). There was no problem replying there.

   Born in the 1970s, Seiko’s ‘canned food’ is also known as ‘tuna can’ and ‘catfish’. The case has a layer of steel protection and a 4-point crown. The whole looks like a round can, reassembled. And sturdy and durable, the table friends of the domestic Seiko Forum can basically say that they have one hand, all belong to the professional series Prospex. Common 300M diving watches include SBBN015, SBBN017 (the old SBBN007 has been discontinued) and limited edition SBBN023. 1000M SBBN013 and SBBN019 (limited edition white dolphin), SBBN021 (limited edition blue whale), all equipped with Seiko 7C46 quartz machine core. There are also SBDX011 (Seiko 8L35) equipped with a mechanical movement, and SPRING DRIVE SBDB009, the latest 5R65 movement. There are also climbing series SBDC011, SBDC013 and limited edition SBDC021, which are called ‘land tanks’ by Seiko watch fans.

   A 2013 film ‘Blind Detective’ pushed Seiko ‘canned’ to a climax. To be precise, it should be this SBBN015 brought by Zheng Xiuwen. It is said that this watch was sold out in Asia for a while after the movie was broadcast, and a ‘can’ was hard to find.

   Zheng Xiuwen successfully dispelled a doubt that women or people with thin wrists can also control this ‘canned’ watch with a diameter of 47.7 mm and a thickness of 14.7 mm, and it can also be very fashionable. The side of the ‘canned’ case has a ladder-shaped steel guard, and the dial and bezel (actually about 40 mm) are much smaller than the bottom of the case, and the distance between the upper and lower ears is only 40 mm, so even women with this watch And it seems very abrupt.

   This SBBN015 has a stainless steel case. The diving chronograph ring is painted in black. Personally, it feels better than the unpainted stainless steel bezel. It matches the black dial. The coloring also makes the entire watch more layered. The only drawback is that it will be There is paint drop.

   The stainless steel bracelet has a fine workmanship, which is stronger than the Seiko’s small mm (SBDC001). The bracelet is gradually narrowed. It should be to reduce weight. There is still a sense of weight for women. The buckle with automatic extension is made of pure titanium (and easy to wear and scratch). If you want to buy this bracelet alone, it will cost about 2,000 yuan. The price of this watch is currently Seiko’s flagship store in Ginza is 129,000 yen after tax rebate 120,000, which is more than 6,000 yuan, provides 300 meters of diving, durable forbidden, and cost-effective.

7C46 quartz movement
   The movement is a Seiko 7C46 quartz movement, and a 7C46 movement dedicated to Seiko’s quartz diving watches. It features high torque, low power consumption and durability. High torque, suitable for large hands of diving watch, and low battery consumption, only need to replace the battery once every 5 years. 7 gems, most parts are made of metal. Japanese and English week display (when English is displayed, 1:00 am becomes Japanese on the previous day, and 2:00 am becomes the day of the week English. When Japanese is displayed, 1:00 am becomes the day of the week English and 2:00 is the day of the Sunday. ), The monthly difference is plus or minus 15 seconds, the actual use situation should be more accurate.


   Also sought after is SBBN017, the appearance is basically the same as 015, the difference is that the case timing ring is a stainless steel polished bezel, and the case protection steel uses a matte process instead of the 017 wire drawing process. The strap uses a rubber strap and a pin buckle made of pure titanium. The movement is also the 7C46 movement. After tax refund, the price of 100,000 yen is slightly cheaper than 015. Personally I feel that Seiko’s rubber straps are too honest and wear too long.


   015 and 017 have advantages in terms of function and price. Basically, they have organized most of the cousins ​​who bought ‘canned’ in the Seiko Forum. If you want to pursue the cool blackness of the entire table, you can also choose SBBN013, which is made of titanium alloy with DCL coating. The waterproof depth is increased to 1000 meters, and the price is about 2000 to 3000 yuan higher than 015.

SBBN021 (Limited Edition Blue Whale)

   The 7C46 quartz movement is also equipped with some special limited edition ‘cans’. The case is filled with some vibrant, vibrant colors, and the materials are also different. The price is twice as expensive as 015, which is a deep ‘can fan’ ‘Favorite. Such as this SBBN021 (limited edition blue whale), the case is surrounded by blue ceramic material.


   Just last year Seiko also launched a new canned series SPRING DRIVE SBDB009. Equipped with the SPRING DRIVE 5R65 movement, the Seiko SPRING DRIVE movement adopts a three-stage synchronous modulation speed controller (the pulley is unidirectional) by giving up the traditional balance wheel and escapement. Thereby avoiding friction caused by two-way movement. The problem of easy friction of the escapement is solved. Accuracy reached plus or minus 1 second per day, 3 days of dynamic reserve. It has a slightly different appearance and offers 600 meters of diving. The price is also higher, about 15,000 yuan.


   In addition to the diving series, SBDC011, which is called the ‘land tank’ by Seiko watch fans, is also said to be the cheapest Seiko ‘canned’. As an outdoor watch, the same case shape as the ‘water tank’, different simple orientation calculation bezel and dial design, and a tough khaki leather strap, suitable for pure men, women, let this watch Popularity. (The movement is equipped with 6R15 mechanical movement)

   Whether it is a ‘water tank’ or a ‘land tank’, it has attracted a group of wearers with its unique shape, cost-effectiveness and quality, and it is not just men. The slim design of the body is also perfectly suitable for women’s wrists. Even more, ‘cans fans’ changed their ‘cans’ to straps of various colors and materials. One ‘can’ eat more and complement each other.