Corum Bridge Series Watch Exhibition

Kunlun Watch, a Swiss independent watch brand, held the “CORUM BRIDGES Kunlun Bridge Watch Exhibition” at the Gateway II, Gateway Mall, Harbour City, Hong Kong from August 23 to 26, 2012. The series is equipped with Kunlun’s original long mechanical movement, including the world’s first Golden Bridge Automatic (Golden Bridge Automatic). And watchmakers from afar in Switzerland will also improvise Kunlun’s original long mechanical movement during the exhibition, allowing the public to see the superb watch construction and the brand’s extraordinary watchmaking technology up close.
    The Golden Bridge Automatic, equipped with Kunlun’s original long mechanical movement, was first introduced in 1980 and immediately caused a strong response, setting a new chapter in the history of watchmaking. For more than 30 years, Kunlun Watch has launched a number of classic watch styles for this original long mechanical movement. In addition to the Golden Bridge watch style with gold plate, it also introduces exquisite and modern, the plate is made of titanium metal. Ti-Bridge watch style.
    The parts of this long mechanical movement are inlaid on the board with the concept of a straight line arrangement, which requires superb watchmaking technology to make. With its unique and extraordinary watchmaking technology, Kunlun Watch has created many different watch models for the Golden Bridge and Titanium Bridge over the years, and has become one of the pillar series of the Kunlun Watch——CORUM BRIDGES series (Kunlun Bridge series).
    The Golden Bridge watch styles include the traditional Golden Bridge, the Golden Bridge Tourbillon with a tourbillon device, the women’s style women’s Golden Bridge, and the world’s first Golden Bridge watch with an automatic single-axis winding movement launched in 2011. The titanium bridge is a new interpretation of the long mechanical movement. Later, the titanium bridge tourbillon watch equipped with a tourbillon device and the titanium bridge power reserve watch with a three-day power reserve display were launched in 2011. This series of watch styles will be presented one by one at the ‘CORUM BRIDGES Kunlun Bridge Watch Exhibition’.
   In addition, the exhibition also showcased Kunlun’s new 2012 watches and other classic watch styles, including the Admiral’s Cup (Admiral’s Cup) series of tourbillons, annual calendars and moons for the first time for its Legend mileage product series. Complex watch.
The exhibition is for four days and the public is welcome to visit.
CORUM BRIDGES watch exhibition
Date: August 23-26, 2012
Time: 10 am to 10 pm
Venue: “CORUM BRIDGES Kunlun Bridge Series Watch Exhibition” at the Gateway Mall, Harbour City, Hong Kong—August 23-26, 2012, at the lobby II of the Gateway Mall, Harbour City, Hong Kong. Automatic watch and titanium bridge power reserve watch. Kunlun watch 2012 new watch-Admiral Cup Mileage Product Series Watch-(from left) Admiral Cup Mileage 42 Tourbillon Watch, Admiral Cup Mileage 42 Calendar Watch and Admiralty Moon Phase 38 Moon Phase Watch

Wonderful And Polymorphic Ladies Watch Parmigiani Tonda Moon Phase Watch

When everyone’s eyes are on the Parmigiani Tonda chronograph or Bugatti watch, a lady watch that is not too conspicuous, but actually has a very elegant posture , Can be called the ‘Lady’ model of Parmigiani Tonda women’s watches. This watch uses white mother-of-pearl material to make the dial, and a large moon phase dial is specially placed at 12 o’clock to create a romantic feeling for the watch. The center panel, especially the rhodium-plated appliqué process, uses petal shapes to outline the unique charm of women’s watches.

    Parmigiani’s newly released women’s Tonda watch has already had multiple styles. This year, a white dial has been added to give the watch a whiter, snow-like purity. The watch is equipped with a PF318 self-winding movement. The small movement can keep the watch’s size at 33.2 mm.

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