Zegna And Girard Perregaux Launch Cooperation Models Again

There is a mountain peak called Monterubello in the Zegna Oasis region of Italy. The four seasons alternate here, recording the passage of time. The new Monterubello Zegna series watch launched by Ermenegildo Zegna is named after this mountain peak, which condenses the glorious history of the Zegna family in the local area and explains its passion for history and tradition.
Mr. Gildo Zegna, who pioneered this classic Monterubello collection, took inspiration from 19th-century pocket watches belonging to his great-grandfather Michelangelo Zegna, and was created by the famous Swiss watch brand Girard Perregaux. At the watch conference, the Zegna family and Girard Perregaux have maintained close cooperation for a long time. The joint efforts of the Zegna and Macaluso families for generations have proven that the continuous cooperation between the two families has stood the test of time. The Zegna and Macaluso families are the spokespersons for product innovation: their esteem for historical traditions and craftsmanship links the two outstanding companies together. Today, both companies fit perfectly with the times and are proud of their outstanding historical heritage.
Monterubello series includes two models: Solo Tempo (white or rose gold) and Chronograph (rose gold). Inheriting design inspiration from the 1940s, this series of watches will become synonymous with contemporary elegant lifestyle.