Zhenmei Crafts Interpretation Of Natural Charm 2017sihh Cartier Launched A New High-end Jewelry Watch

At the 2017 Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Fair, Cartier used precious gems as the theme to combine high-end jewelry with fine watchmaking gorgeously. The two iconic craftsmanships are ingeniously merged to jointly interpret the unremitting pursuit of beauty, transforming outstanding creativity into works of beauty that transcend time.

Bringing Gem to Life
   The fusion of the two kinds of arts has created a refreshing design, and has created a creative masterpiece that combines watches and jewellery … The expression ‘high jewellery watches’ closely reflects the fusion of these timepieces with advanced watchmaking technology The unique charm of traditional jewelry aesthetics. From carefully searching for gems, clever matching, to re-cutting … Cartier knows the art of interpreting the soul of precious gems. In addition to style innovation and excellent craftsmanship, the essence of Cartier lies in giving vitality to Zhenmei gems.

   Cartier adhering to the concept of inspiring style, infinitely inspired by precious gems, from rare birds and beasts to delicate flowers, from abstract patterns to figurative decoration, all highlight the artistic excellence of the fire.

18K white gold, 32 cushion-shaped Zambian emeralds, total weight 38.2 carats, onyx, triangular diamonds, brilliant-cut round diamonds, Cartier 846 manual winding mechanical movement
A masterpiece of fine jewelry and fine watchmaking
   Although the Papyrus watch is inspired by classic tradition, the design is modern. A fine example of Cartier’s art, this watch is set with 32 precious emeralds, weighing a total of 38.2 carats. Gazes dazzled with gorgeous gemstones. For Cartier, Papyrus watches represent a real craftsmanship challenge.

Traditional inspiration and modern style
   In the face of these rare and rare emeralds, Cartier designers realized that there was only a wide enough base to accommodate all the gems, thereby fully displaying its beauty. They carefully explored Cartier’s precious historical archives, drawing inspiration from the emerald’s soft and warm green, and finally chose the papyrus pattern. The designer borrowed from the papyrus flowers that prevailed in ancient Egypt, and the wide stretched leaves show a free and modern style.

   All emeralds are paired in pairs and re-cut to about 8 carats to obtain a uniform shape and color: fresh and delicate green with a slight yellow sheen. Jewels in motion are more lifelike, like a gentle breeze brushing over the papyrus branches-this is derived from superb high-end jewelry craftsmanship. The dial is located in the center of the work, surrounded by bright diamonds, and set with two triangular diamond hour markers at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock-this is derived from extraordinary fine watchmaking skills.
   Gem spirituality, Cartier’s precious secret is here.

18K white gold, 15 bright red oval Mozambique rubies, total weight 24.93 carats, baguette-cut diamonds, brilliant-cut round diamonds, Cartier 101 manual winding mechanical movement
Dazzling, intense colors
   Cartier draws inspiration from 15 precious rubies and launches this evening watch, showing its beautiful charm. In the shadows that fell at night, the ruby ​​shone with fiery flames. The total weight of 15 rubies is 24.93 carats. Its color is clear and transparent, and it is rare to see: the deep and strong red diamond luster is slightly pink orange, which is the uniqueness of Mozambique rubies.

Bright light
   When they lay quietly on the workbench, they were ‘sleeping’ despite their impeccable temperament. Wonderful artisans awaken its beauty. In that moment, a light passed through the ruby ​​and bloomed a dazzling beam of light, leaving only a faint trace of smoke. The master of craftsmanship strives to shine brightly on this jewellery watch. The ruby ​​resembles a red ribbon around the watch, contrasting with baguette-cut diamonds. The ring clustered around the dial blends into the overall layout. The Zhenmei watch embellishes the wrist, revealing a delicate and feminine style.

   This work is a gorgeous combination of two major themes that Cartier cherishes-ruby and knot. Ruby plays a pivotal role in Cartier’s style journey. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Cartier used ruby ​​to decorate the jewelry of the Indian prince. Ruby is also a jewellery vocabulary that shows the beauty of soft women. In April 1956, Princess Grace wore a Cartier scroll crown for official portraits, and her crown was set with three convex round rubies. This delicate and gorgeous detachable jewellery can also be worn as a brooch, and is very popular with Princess Grace. In 1957, Elizabeth Taylor received a Cartier ruby ​​and diamond necklace from her partner Mike Todd as a testimony of the ‘perfect moment of love’. Cartier persists in exploring aesthetic styles and pioneering aesthetic trends, interprets classic ribbon knot styles with new creative ideas, and constantly introduces delicate and delicate jewelry.
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