2013 Basel Show Will Face Great Changes

This year, it is rare to see a new so-called ‘little year’ at the Basel show. Such a sense of familiarity is particularly strong. However, Basel, which seems to have only a small change each year, will definitely face a drastic change from the outside to the inside next year. This is a reality that people inside and outside the industry cannot avoid.

Every year when I enter the Basel exhibition hall, there will always be a feeling of acquaintance: similar flow of people and the same noise, the same stand and familiar old friends, even more than half of the products are I’ve seen it before. At least for me, watching the Basel Watch Fair is exactly the same as seeing the F1 China Station at the Shanghai Circuit once a year. Although from the perspective of experts and enthusiasts, it is almost an excellent competition every year, but for Ordinary people may be all in the same circle.
However, Basel will definitely face a drastic change from appearance to interior next year. The cause of the matter is of course the upcoming renovation of the Basel stadium. It is said that the new hall will be put into practical use every year. The big brands with rich capital seem to be very excited, and the small brands with a weak power are a little nervous. . In fact, in recent years, the venues in Basel have also been adjusted, but the results of each adjustment are beneficial to large brands and large groups. For example, this year Tiffany Group terminated its cooperation with the Swatch Group, and the ‘site’ it originally owned is still preserved, becoming a collective display area of ​​Swatch, and it is especially located in Hall 1 The best core areas look particularly eye-catching. If you think about it, U-BOAT from Italy, which is unknown on the Internet, can occupy a large ‘site’ in Hall 1, while Japanese industrial giant Seiko and Citizen can only be a small piece in the deepest part of Hall 1. Place yourself on the plot. There are also Swiss plum watches that the Chinese are familiar with. They have not been able to occupy a slightly better position. Although many business partners are invited to participate in the media every year, they can only meet in hotels outside the venue. In the next year, such a format will certainly change, but it is a conceivable trend to lean towards a strong big brand. For example, the watchmaking ‘newcomer’ Swarovski will confidently plan to combine its crystal and watch next year, making people realize Its overall tremendous strength.
Associated with it is that those large companies and large groups with strong performances are also facing uncertain changes. After the last financial crisis, the family forces that had long controlled Rolex were relegated to the backstage because of the Madoff case, which is more or less related to the latest series of changes that people have seen in Rolex. And after Swatch lost the old Hayek, as the Hayek family, which has a significant influence on the group, will lead the group forward. It is also concerned by many people. It is said that the board of Swatch is undergoing a new and old change. But the path along which such changes will develop is compelling. Since Swatch not only has many brands that overlap with each other in the market, but also a series of spare parts companies that are related to the survival and development of the entire Swiss watch industry, its changes will affect the entire Swiss watch industry. In addition, it is also worth paying special attention to how the LVMH group buying Bulgari wants to promote its watchmaking industry. For a long time, the brand of this group has been erratic in positioning, and it is still adjusting. And Bulgari, a brand that has been involved in a variety of different types of watch fields, has indeed made it difficult for groups to get their pulses fast. Of course, there is also the issue of ‘digging corners’ at the Geneva watch exhibition dominated by its rival Richemont Group. In the period of new and old alternation, it is likely that some effects will affect the whole body.
Consumers may be most concerned about changes in product trends. In the context of the uncertain economic situation, on the one hand, traditional watch manufacturers in the world have a tendency to invest cautiously or even to shrink moderately, and they are focusing on classic style products. This year’s performance of Patek Philippe particularly reflects the steady progress of veterans in the industry. Development methods. However, a large number of newcomers with strong financial backgrounds like Swarovski with a background in jewellery or fashion, have once again made a big impact on traditional watch factories. The fast pace and new perspectives make it more attractive to consumers. People have become accustomed to many classic products that have been defeated by new products like Chanel J12. They have also become accustomed to the tourbillon of Chanel and the self-made movement of Hermès. So what will these watch ‘newcomers’ do next? At present, the traditional net brands are increasingly passively following these ‘newcomers’, constantly trying to speed up the pace to launch some products with distinctive features and more eye-catching designs. However, the net tradition focuses on the internal quality, especially based on the movement and workmanship. The evaluation standards for measuring the high level of watchmaking have not been able to fully match the modern design trend, especially the question whether the classic style will expire or not. It lingers between the new and old styles. How will the future product trend change? Due to the difficulties of many ancient brands carrying the tradition of the Internet, they are temporarily in a state of no solution.
I remember about 15 years ago, when I first came to Basel to watch a watch exhibition, Hall 1 here was generally in the format today, especially the brands in the first half of the hall had almost no place to move. In addition, most of the exhibitors are in a space of about 3 × 3 meters square, people can see the situation of doing business while displaying, a taste of the market, compared to today is quite different. . Perhaps change means progress, and people should be comfortable with it.