A Story That Men Can’t Understand, How Does A Bracelet Infatuate Girls?

A friend told me a very interesting and representative story a few days ago: ‘I added a cousin group of 300 people, and I will not tell you that they are all men. They used to come. After a girl, I was scared away after a while. I remember that the most classic sentence in this group came from a group of friends, ‘Women’s watches also count?’ ‘This is probably straight men’s shopping thinking. Although we keep hearing from brands that they want to strengthen the women’s watch market, most of the time they are more willing to shrink men’s watches and quickly make a women’s watch product. So some men are hard to understand. When they hear a budget of 700,000 or 800,000, they automatically come up with various complicated functions in their minds, but women will meet for two villains on the board, or have a beautiful one. Fascinated by the enamel peacock. This is the aesthetic difference between men and women, but it is also fun. I remembered a girl asking me before: ‘Sister Rabbit, am I very different? I don’t seem to be interested in the explosive men’s watches you are talking about. I only want feminine watches, such as watch straps, which are good-looking. Please recommend.’ Rabbit quickly passed countless models in her mind at that time. Within her budget, she finally settled on Bulgari’s Lvcea Tubogas halo watch, because the design of the strap’s gas pipe is too vivid and unforgettable. This is my hands-on photo of the Basel Watch Fair this year. In fact, after contacting more and more girls to buy watches, I seriously thought about the watches I bought in recent years. Each of them is not a strict female watch-Ditong Take a men’s watch, flip is also a standard men’s model, Nautilus is also a men’s watch downsizing plus diamond options. There are not many women’s watches on the market that are completely designed for women (some are only high-end jewelry watches, which completely block the daily purchase needs of most girls). Therefore, in addition to the men’s watches like me, many girls have a way out to find fun from antique women’s watches. A simple example: the Art Deco style of the 1920s was a product of the industrial wave. The design of watches and clocks during this period was mechanical and geometric. This is also a very popular category. These two are platinum diamond watches from the 1920s and my personal favorite hidden watch, which is disguised as a bracelet or powder box, necklace pendant or even ring, many brands have done it. This Bulgari Monete Pendant Watch is the category of high jewelry watches. You can see the dial when you open it. Although these products are the products of unfair treatment of women in the past-women are considered impolite to watch time in public. But because of this, women’s watches had very strong accessories and fun in that era. Instead, from the 1960s and 1970s, the rise of feminism made women’s watches have the shadow of men’s watches. Some people think this is an equal performance, but in my opinion, the advantages of some female watches are also lost. So in these years, in addition to being integrated into the world of men’s watches, I can only stick to the bottom line of women’s preferences for women (of course, there are diamonds, you know). No matter how traditional the dial, plus the metal chain or Milan braid, it will surprise me. That’s why, whenever I mention a special strap, I instinctively think of the Lvcea Tubogas halo watch. In fact, when I first saw it in Basel in March of this year, I quietly scored a high score. I’m afraid you don’t believe it. A woman like me, in fact, has kept the Bulgari classic Serpenti watch silently in her heart. It also uses the Tubogas gas pipeline design. In fact, the Serpenti watch born in the 1940s was the first time that Bulgari used the Tubogas bracelet in a watch series. Serpenti is like a woman hiding in the depths. How attractive is the Tubogas bracelet to women? Rabbit made a special survey, and regardless of budget, one of the Serpenti watch with a Tubogas bracelet and the Serpenti watch with a strap, and 90% of girls preferred the Tubogas bracelet. This is the woman’s attachment, for good-looking, at any cost. Looking back on history, the Tubogas bracelet is not an imaginary design. This process is named after a bent metal gas pipe. This technology has been applied to the field of jewelry making since the late 1940s. In the decorative arts period, large-scale crafts were often miniaturized and created. Tubogas was inspired by industry and eventually became a well-known technology. It is still very industrialized. In fact, this design was used by many brands in the beginning, but now it has become one of the Bulgari logos. And Bulgari extended it to more fields, such as rings and necklaces in the 1970s, and Tubogas chains to match ancient coins and colored gems. Just like the Tubogas Greek silver coin two-tone gold necklace in 1974, in the field of fine jewelry, the inlaying of ancient coins on jewelry also began during this period. It looks a bit thick, but it is indeed a product of an era. In the 1980s, one obvious feature was that the two-tone gold Tubogas chain was narrowed, the number of turns was increased, and it became more delicate with gems. This kind of works became popular. Now it looks better to match with 1992. Naturalia Farfalla Tubogas gold bracelet watch is another attempt. The strap is also inlaid with onyx and diamonds, which further increases the difficulty. The combination of precious metals and precious stones challenges craftsmanship, but there are many changes. In addition, I am afraid that everyone knows the close relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari. Among her 16 personal collections of Bulgari’s private collection, there is a gold snake bracelet watch with a Tubogas bracelet. The snakes used diamonds on their heads and tails. This is the classic look of Elizabeth Taylor in the film Cinecittà in 1962 when she filmed the movie ‘Cleopatra’ in Cinecittà. She wore the watch at the time, and the bracelet was set with diamonds and two emeralds. So this year, Bvlgari obviously hopes to bring this ancient design to the more modern Lvcea Tubogas halo watch, which contains the essence of design and a sense of history under the modern. Zhang Tianai wears the halo watch. This year’s Lvcea Tubogas halo watch (born in the 2014 Lvcea series, it comes from Italian ‘luce’ and Latin ‘lux’, a combination of light and luxury), a total of 5 diameters Divided into 28 mm and 33 mm, of course also quartz and mechanical models, as well as full diamond and diamond-free versions. The production of the strap is as usual. The chain strap is wrapped with a steel core under a gold or stainless steel shell, and the bead is seamlessly joined, completely hiding the internal structure, and no welding is required during production, so we ca n’t see it with the naked eye. Joint. In fact, the Lvcea Tubogas halo watch is more significant: first, the Tubogas bracelet has a strong brand recognition; second, although the design has vintage elements, it is still suitable for daily wear, and will not become a drawer more often Collections. Bulgari, which owns four watch factories, naturally hopes to take advantage of jewelry design to truly make watches that women like. In fact, as Rabbit said, in the current watch market, male aesthetics almost dominates the right to speak, and if girls want to enter the world of men, it is very simple. Choosing a popular male watch will definitely win praise. But ask yourself, is this really what you love (if it is, please insist)? If you lose your preference for approval, it is not a wise way to buy a watch. I remembered that when Guido Terreni, general manager of the Bvlgari watchmaking department came to Shanghai, he compared the three watch designs of Switzerland, Italy and France. It mentioned that the Italian style is more free and bold, and women have a stronger heart and distinctive personality. Follow conservative rules. This is probably what Bulgari hopes to express with the halo watch. I remembered the girl’s complaint about me: ‘I think all good-looking watches have been rejected by her husband, but I don’t like what he recommends.’ Rabbit may wish to quote the words of Richard Burton. Elizabeth got to know beer, and she made me get to know Bulgari. ‘If girls buy watches is a test of insisting on aesthetics and independent choices, then it also opens a door for men and women to understand each other. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!