2013 Watches And Miracles Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair Vacheron Constantin New Products Summary

At the Hong Kong Watch Fair, many brands have come up with the latest works to welcome collectors, watch enthusiasts and the media. In this watch exhibition, Vacheron Constantin not only shined on the stand, but also its latest watch masterpieces are equally eye-catching. Certain reforms, let’s take a look at the latest masterpieces of these watches together!
Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1951

 The rounded outer edges of the pink gold case are the hallmark of this watch. These three layers of outer edges give the case a vibrant look, and the even polishing of the edges and rounded corners shines smartly. Case like faceted cut
Diamonds generally reflect light and show different lines and levels. The shadows and shiny parts seem to breathe life into the watch, showing the vivid beauty to the fullest. The slightly arched sapphire crystal also reveals the same
Such a dynamic charm. The design of the dial follows Vacheron Constantin’s fine watchmaking tradition, and the center is decorated with hand-engraved carvings. The geometric pattern on the dial is a reproduction of the original design, highlighting the chic case shape. Fine beaded hollow minute engraving
It is cleverly placed on the 18K gold dial. The square shape of the case has always been the focus of attention of viewers. The dial is also polished with a silver-plated milky surface. The fine and tight lines and optical effects prove that the watch is great.
A lot of hard work for the teacher.
Watch details: This outstanding watch is a perfect compliment of Vacheron Constantin to traditional watchmaking (Metiers d’Art). Using a completely hand-made invisible setting technology, the watch is set with a total of 418 baguette-cut diamonds (about 19.6 carats in total), reflecting the glorious time. At present, there are only a few masters in the world who are proficient in invisible diamond setting. The gold base is completely hidden under the diamond. All the diamonds are supported by the orbit to form a light field, but no setting marks can be seen, which can release the dazzling light to the extreme. The Malte watch selected by Vacheron Constantin this time,
Not only because it has a curved outline, but also with sharp edges and corners and obvious lines, it brings great challenges to diamond setting technology. Therefore, Vacheron Constantin chose to apply invisible diamond technology to this watch, which is another exhibition of extreme craftsmanship.
Now. In order to overcome the problem of diamond setting, from designers to jewelry setters, watchmakers and jewellery masters, they must work closely to fully demonstrate their outstanding skills under the common idea of ​​transcending themselves.
Watch details: Contemporaine small white gold watch

 Round, timeless round: This understated and elegant shape makes the collection a recognized model in the field of fine watchmaking. This series has appeared at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie with soft and pleasing pink gold watches, but this time with the radiant and flawless white gold watch once again became the focus of attention. The brilliance of white gold complements the exquisite design of small models, vividly embodies the extraordinary jewelry setting technology, and will surely make loyal watch lovers endless. The bezel is set with 68 round-cut diamonds, set against a simple case with a diameter of 36 mm, and the original full-minute diamond-set minute ring makes the watch reveal a very modern and fashionable charm.
Watch details: The Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Power Reserve Tourbillon is an extraordinary addition to the limited platinum collection. This distinguished watch has reached the pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship, bringing the complex functions represented by tourbillon to the extreme. For a long time, Vacheron Constantin has demonstrated its bold pursuit and superb skills in this extremely challenging field. The Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Power Reserve Tourbillon Limited Platinum Collection is equipped with a movement 2260.
This is a manually wound tourbillon movement with a power reserve of up to 14 days. In addition to the tourbillon and small seconds at 6 o’clock and the slightly off-centre hour and minute hands, this watch is also equipped with a power reserve indicator
can. A drag-and-drop pointer shows the remaining energy and rotates up to 280 degrees. This area is larger than the power reserve display area of ​​traditional watches, so the swing range of the hands can be accurately divided into 14 days, and each day is divided into two
Small cells, each cell represents 12 hours, so it is very easy to read the stored power.
Watch details: d’ Art Les Univers Infinis

 Métier d’ Art Les Univers
These three new watches of the Infinis series combine a variety of craftsmanship, and the checkerboard flat pavé technology makes them exude shocking charm. In addition, gold and mother-of-pearl inlays
Another highlight of the technology introduced by Denton, combining engraving, enamel painting, gem setting and machine-engraving, creates a trompe of geometric, dynamic and symbolic elements on the dial.
l’ oeil). The dial is filled with interlaced repeating patterns, creating an excellent sense of infinite extension and perspective. The dial is equipped with a platinum case, which is delicate and elegant. The slim bezel design allows the dial to be presented to the maximum extent, and the elegant hollowed-out hands provide ample display space for the grid-shaped carving art. The watch is certified by the Geneva Seal and is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement 2460 developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. This movement is not only of reliable quality, but also inherits the tradition of fine watchmaking and is polished by hand.
Through the sapphire crystal back, you can clearly see the polished inner corners, the side of the hand-decorated movement, the main splint decorated with round grain, the bridge plate decorated with Geneva ripples, and the elegant interwoven machine-engraved pattern Gold
Oscillating weight.
Watch details: vacheron / 20487.html
Summary: In the Vacheron Constantin exhibition area, we saw a large number of new and derivative styles. It can be said that Vacheron Constantin used pocket watch culture as the main line and restored a brand new watch world for us. Among the many exhibited works, Vacheron Constantin’s position in Richemont Group is conceivable. What is the next surprise for the watchmaking team with the best resources in the world? Let us look forward together.