Mido Second Generation And Eternal Series Smiling Women’s Watch Appreciation Meeting

On the Chinese Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day when the typhoon is about to hit Taiwan and the rain is coming, the editor came to Bellavita in Taipei with the name of a department store to take part in MIDO beauty In addition to the beautiful watches, the new watch table and tea presentation of the time table also enjoyed a rich and delicious afternoon tea at the Italian restaurant Beata te, and spent a pleasant summer afternoon.
    The protagonist of this watch appreciation is the second generation of the new Commander II Champs series. The watch is inspired by the Paris Tower in France, with a large diameter of 40mm and a simple face plate. It integrates classic watches of the same name from the 60s with modern design elements to reinterpret the contemporary spirit. With triangle-shaped Paris Tower and minute hand styles, and other models with silver, gray, black dial, with straight hour and minute hands without observatory certification models, the two without lugs and very classic and modern elements It is addictive.
    In addition to men’s watches, the new women’s watches are also brilliant! Baroncelli Lady Smile is inspired by the beautiful French Rennes Opera House, with elegant meniscus date windows and 12 Wesselton diamond rows Concentric circles echo the elegant arcs of the amphitheater of the Opera House. Next, let’s take a look at the wonderful pictures of the watch today.

Which Watch’s Strap Is Good-looking Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 37 Mm Automatic Winding Watch

As an important part of watch appearance, the strap has always been valued by major brands. Many watch lovers are also more concerned about the appearance, material and other related information of the strap. Which watch’s strap looks better? Next, the editor recommends the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 37 mm automatic watch.
 The new Royal Oak 37mm self-winding watch is also available in stainless steel and rose gold, including diamond and non-diamond models, with black or silver dial, and the watch can also be equipped with a leather strap Or stainless steel / rose gold strap.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 37 mm Automatic
 In the Audemars Piguet family, the legendary characteristics of the various achievement series still play an important role: the octagonal bezel is set with 8 hexagonal platinum screws, and the subtle contrast of frosting and polishing, which is from 1972 One of the long-lasting features since the year series was born. This model is water-resistant to 50 meters, equipped with anti-glare sapphire crystal surface and bottom cover, integrated design of the case and strap, the strap links are smooth, and the natural transition from wide to narrow, it also reflects the unique style of the watch The overall beauty. With Audemars Piguet’s new triple folding and double protection buckle system.

 The new Royal Oak 37 mm self-winding watch is equipped with Audemars Piguet’s 3120 self-winding mechanical movement with hours, minutes, seconds and date display functions, a total of 280 movement components, a power reserve of 60 hours, and a movement vibration The frequency is 21600 times / hour (3 Hz). The body-shaped automatic disc is made of 22K gold.

 The silver dial of this watch is adorned with the Grande Tapisserie checkered peculiar to the Royal Oak automatic winding watch. Dial checkered decoration is an exclusive technology of Audemars Piguet. It is built from the inside by an ancient machine. It cuts out the fine marks of the grid while cutting into squares. This superimposed decoration is unique to the Royal Oak series and becomes The irreplaceable qualities of Royal Oak watches. The AP three-dimensional letter logo is located on the brand logo. It is subtle and understated. At the same time, it leaves space for the double-hour design at 12 o’clock. The double-hour design is also inspired by the Royal Oak series in 1972.

 The Royal Oak self-winding watch is transformed into a small case, made for a slender wrist, combining sporty temperament with a slim shape. With a diameter of only 37 mm, the rose gold case is the smallest ever in this collection. The bezel is set with 40 round-cut diamonds that complement the crown, bracelet and folding clasp made of rose gold.
 More information about Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch: aibi / 2000087 /

Seagull Table Culture Tour: Spreading Watch Culture

On September 14, 2012, the ‘Seagull Watch Cultural Tour’ co-sponsored by the official Seagull Watch Weibo and ‘Perfect Time’ magazine was successfully held in the Seagull Industrial Park in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone. .
On the morning of the same day, experts and scholars in related fields and 20 senior watch enthusiasts came to Tianjin Seagull Industrial Park. Under the guidance of seagull watch technical experts, the journey of ‘seagull watch cultural journey’ began.
Seagull Watch Culture Tour in the Seagull Industrial Park in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone Left: Yang Yunfei, Director of East China Region of People Magazine; Right: Tsai Shi Guanghai Gull Watch Culture Tour-Fashion Lifestyle Guide-20 Senior watch enthusiast
The guests first visited the famous seagull watch museum in the industry. The Seagull Clock and Watch Museum relies on the Seagull Industrial Park for construction and development. The overall building area is about 1,000 square meters and is divided into two venues, A and B. Hall A consists of ‘Timed China’, ‘First Watch China’, ‘Treasures of Time’, ‘Road to Innovation’, ‘Going to the World’, ‘World of Watch Art’, ‘Brand Seagull’, ‘China Moment’, and ‘Boutique Monopoly’ ‘And’ Towards the Future ‘, consisting of ten parts, exhibiting famous watches and related literature in the history of Seagulls. Hall B is based on the national technology center, and from the perspective of science and technology, it shows the guests many patented technologies that Seagull Watch has obtained through independent research and development and technological innovation. It shows the determination of Haiguren to build a national brand and achieve a world leading position.
Seagull watch tourbillon movement model
Lu Jun, General Manager of Seagull Group
In the subsequent seminar on the innovation and development of China Watch Group, Lu Jun, the general manager of Seagull Group, introduced the talent training system and brand development strategy of Seagull to the guests, and expressed the hope that the guests at the scene would provide valuable opinions and suggestions to Seagull, and jointly A national brand is built into a world-renowned brand.
   伟 Chang Wei, editor-in-chief of ‘Perfect Time’, a member of the Beijing Collectors Association, and a famous watch culture scholar, Mr. Chang Wei later expressed his love for the national watch seagulls. He believes that watches and clocks are a carrier and a business card. When he is engaged in foreign-related activities, he likes to wear a watch. Although there is still a certain gap in technology, it represents a kind of consciousness and a spirit of patriotism. Mr. Chang Wei also analyzed and pointed out that in recent years, Swiss watch manufacturers’ failed lawsuits against seagulls have shown their concerns and anxieties about the rise of Chinese watches. Swiss watch has encountered two major competitors in the history-the United States and Japan. He hopes that Chinese watchmaking companies represented by Seagull can become the third strong rival of Swiss watch.
Seagull Watch Cultural Tour-National Watch Innovation and Development Seminar
Seagull Watch Cultural Tour-National Table Innovation and Development Seminar-Seagull Watch Tourbillon Series
Afterwards, Professor Sun Guorui, a well-known intellectual property scholar, and Mr. Mei Xinyu, a well-known economic columnist, also successively advised Seagull on its intellectual property layout and brand strategy development.
Experts and scholars in related fields and 20 senior watch enthusiasts experience the assembly of watches by themselves under the one-to-one guidance of the Seagull watchmaker. Mr. Chang Wei, editor-in-chief of Perfect Time, a magazine director, a member of the Beijing Collectors Association, and a famous watch culture scholar
Gu Jiang, Executive Vice President of Xinshi Integration, a well-known automotive marketing expert
From around noon to the afternoon, the activity culminated, and the guests came to the finished seagull watch workshop. Dressed in dust-proof clothing in a clean environment, after removing dust with professional equipment, entered the workshop workspace to observe the assembly process of the Seagull watch, and experienced the assembly of the watch yourself under the one-to-one guidance of the seagull watchmaker. Feel the subtle and subtle craftsmanship in subtlety. In the face of the challenge, the guests aroused their enthusiasm and showed their true qualities of ‘independent watchmakers’.
Experts and scholars in related fields and 20 senior watch enthusiasts under the one-to-one guidance of the Seagull Watchmaker. Experience one-on-one guidance of experts and scholars in related fields and 20 senior watch enthusiasts in the Seagull Watchmaker. , Watch the assembly of the watch yourself
Erhaigull Group is one of the world’s largest watchmaking enterprises with mechanical watch production capacity. The Seagull Industrial Park located in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone is an international first-class watch development and production base. While reaching the industry-leading level in terms of output, Seagull People is also constantly pioneering and innovating in new technologies, new materials and new processes, and is committed to building Seagull watches into the world’s leading watch brands.
Seagull watch-scene map-checkerboard seagull watch-scene map-checkerboard seagull watch-scenario map-checkerboard seagull watch-scenario map-checkerboard seagull watch-scenario Figure——Checkerboard Seagull Watch——Scene Map——Checkerboard —-

Catch The Clock Before Sailing Tasting Athens Chronograph

Athens Watch is constantly committed to the development of creativity, uniqueness and precision. With the regatta chronograph developed in cooperation with the Swedish Artemis Racing team, the Athens watch has once again proven its professionalism and pioneering spirit. Athenian watches and nautical watches have historical origins, because Athenian watches were founded in the 19th century of the era of maritime power, and now have passed through a century and a half. In its long-term background, superb watchmaking skills and innovative capabilities have become Athenian watches Synonymous with. (Watch model: 1553-155-3 / 43)

Extraordinary craftsmanship

   This Athens Sailing Series chronograph combines extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled precision. Athenian craftsmen use bright yellow timescale colors and carefully craft every detail according to strict specifications.

   The design of this case can be said to be a modern interpretation of classics. The 44 mm diameter stainless steel case and the grooved bezel are inlaid with rubber. The shape is unique. The sturdy case brings new power to the regatta. The chronograph is practical and reliable, and can withstand the harsh environment of the America’s Cup. This is true no matter from the short thick, slightly curved lugs, or from the edges of the bezel and the case.

Functional illustration

   Through the anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass, you can clearly see the Roman numerals, and the central sailboat stopwatch function. The arrow points to the yellow minute countdown from 1 to 10, which is easy to read. At 6 o’clock, the hour and minute chronograph dials are timed. The outer ring design and the dial time scale form a unified color tone, which shows the high-end atmosphere. The inside is displayed with black Arabic numerals and bar markings. Below the second dial is a date display window, which can accurately display the current date, and the word SWISS MADE (Made in Switzerland) is marked at the bottom, which is intended to explain the delicate production of the Athenian watch.

   On the stainless steel crown, the Athens logo pattern is inlaid, and the grade texture rises straight. The screw-down crown and two rubber push buttons are clearly visible on the side of the watch, and the design is more innovative.

   The watch’s lugs are perfectly matched with titanium metal components and a rubber strap with a folding clasp. They are naturally and stylishly connected, which is not only easy to wear, but also enhances the style of the entire watch.

   The watch has a back-through design, and the movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal. The mechanical feel is more real. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, which can provide 72 hours of kinetic energy reserve for the watch, and it can stop the two-way second hand when the hour and calendar are adjusted in both directions, which improves the safety of operation. . The bottom of the case and the movement are clearly engraved with the Athens brand logo, and the subtleties show the exquisiteness of the watchmaking in Athens.
Summary: The new Athens chronograph is practical, reliable and stylish, not only able to withstand the harsh environment in the America’s Cup regatta, but also can be used as a single accessory to increase the charm of the wrist.