Tissot Watch Basketball Storm Struck Shencheng

As the first official timekeeper of the NBA, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has jointly launched the ‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ challenge with the NBA. Set off a bloody basketball storm. At the event, fans can experience the precise experience provided by the official timer of the NBA basketball court. At the same time, fans also have the NBA 5V5 competition and NBA legend Dominique Wilkins. Gary Harris, a Denver Nuggets player, came to the game. It is reported that the event will cover 5 cities in Shenyang, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing and Shanghai. During this period, Tissot will bring its flagship product of the year, the NBA series, a special basketball feast for enthusiastic fans.

Tissot ’24 Seconds’ Challenge
 The NBA Finals far away across the ocean has ended for several weeks. Whether it is the leading scores of alternate battles, or the subject and guest you come and go to win, the emotions including sigh, sigh, excitement or uplifting continue to elevate. As a fan, Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed and want to fight in the first place? Tissot watches have already prepared a basketball feast for you. This time, Tissot watches brought the precision and reliability of the NBA timer to Shenyang, and joined hands with the NBA to present an unparalleled basketball carnival for Shencheng fans.
‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ Challenge
 The time limit for an offense in a basketball game is only 24 seconds. For basketball players, 24 seconds is not just an offense and defense. It is also a microcosm of off-field sweat. Winning the game is not a 24 second repetition but a 24 second continuous breakthrough. Players, the heart keeps saying ‘This is the time for me to play.’
 The ‘decisive battle 24 seconds’ challenge focuses on teamwork. Shooting, passing, and rebounding require a clear division of labor before the game to ensure ultimate victory. Just like the tacit cooperation between the stars in the NBA arena. It is reported that the contestants were recruited online via the Tissot Official WeChat platform ‘Decisive Challenge 24 Seconds’ online. Lucky fans can not only come to the ‘Decisive Challenge 24 Seconds’ Challenge site, the winning team can also get Tissot watches. A moment of preparation. Each team consists of 3 players. Through teamwork, a 3-pointer shooting challenge is completed within 24 seconds. There are a lot of experts in the arena, the fierce competition is beyond imagination, the applause on the scene is repeated, and its excitement is comparable to the professional league.

‘Decisive battle 24 seconds’ challenge scene
Legendary superstar set off the climax
 On the day of the event, the appearance of the NBA Hall of Fame member, nine-time All-Star winner Dominique Wilkins and the Denver Nuggets player Gary Harris set off a climax. Wilkins is called ‘the essence of human cinema’. As an icon of a generation of fans, his appearance caused a sensation in the audience. As a contemporary star of Jordan, he not only won the championship twice in the NBA slam dunk contest, but also entered the top 10 in the NBA history scoring list with a total career score of 26668.

NBA legend Dominique Wilkins and Denver Nuggets player Gary Harris assisted
Top of the series
 The participants of Tissot’s ‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ challenge were strong, and it was only after a fierce overtime that the cheerleaders from the Milwaukee Bucks came out as guests, instantly pushing the atmosphere of the event to a climax again! With enthusiastic cheering and applause, Tissot watch witnessed the duel between the folk masters and witnessed the champions’power to turn the tide. They shot 4 three-pointers 5 times in 24 seconds. Through continuous challenge and hard work, In the end, she won the title of ‘Decisive Fighting 24 Seconds’ Challenge Shenyang Station, creating her own moment and gaining their trophy, the Tissot Porsche series watch.

‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ Challenge Award Ceremony of Shenyang Station
 As the first official timekeeper of the NBA, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot also launched a special NBA watch this year. The style of this watch is simple and generous and full of vitality. The straight hands will vividly express the resoluteness and boldness in the movement. The eye-catching digital time scale ’12’ not only shows the athlete’s focus on the court, but also the watch’s The temperament of sports is enhanced, and every wearer is encouraged to grasp the timing with precise timing to meet every challenging moment of his own. Infused with the team’s main color and LOGO, the watch design not only made fans love it, but also made it a hot trend item.

Tissot Porsche Series NBA Special
 At the same time, Tissot hopes that through the ‘decisive battle 24 seconds’ game, fans will know the official NBA 24 seconds timing, appreciate the breath-holding passion on the field, and enjoy your 24 seconds. This is not the end, but the beginning of another challenge. The winning team will serve as the Shenyang regional champion and compete against the regional champions of Guangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing at the end of July in Shanghai. The NBA official timing Tissot will provide accurate and professional timing services for all games, and greet the next exciting moment together with basketball fans.
Technical Parameters

Tissot Series NBA Special RMB 3,050
-Swiss-made quartz movement
-316L stainless steel case, silk-screened glass case back and official team logo
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Special team color Nato strap with standard buckle
-Table diameter: 42mm * 42mm