Introduction To Iwc Portuguese Automatic Watches

This can be said to be one of the largest movements in the world. The oversized size of 38.2 mm feels cool.
At that time, the two Portuguese merchants might not have imagined that their single order created the birth of a series, and it has been continued for nearly 70 years … To this day, the Portuguese series has become one of the important series representing the traditional style of IWC. One more. Compared with the previous, this IWC Portuguese automatic watch has a slightly improved appearance but little change, and still clearly continues the low-key style unique to classic Portuguese watches.
This watch is equipped with a 50010 automatic movement made by IWC, which can be said to be one of the largest movements in the world. The oversized size of 38.2 mm feels cool. There is also an important point. This movement has a Pellerton automatic winding system, which is also commonly known as the woodpecker winding mechanism, which makes this elegant watch have a power reserve of up to 7 days. Although it is a new watch launched in Geneva this year, it was actually available last fall. This “detoxification” behavior in advance has indeed seized the market opportunity, at least I have been motivated more than once for this.

Franck Muller Launches Vintage Seven Days Power Reserve Watch

FRANCK MULLER® new Vintage (Curvex) seven-day power reserve mechanical watch was unveiled at the world’s top watch and jewellery conference in Monaco in early October 2012. It is another classic of watch art.

 The watch combines aesthetic design with sophisticated craftsmanship and a seven-day power reserve. Designed and manufactured 100% in Geneva, this mechanical watch enriches the entire exquisite FRANCK MULLER Vintage collection.
 Excellent performance combined with extraordinary skills, its unique movement is a treasure made by hand. It showcases the unparalleled watchmaking typical of the Joux Valley. The bridges are perfectly integrated with each other, creating a harmony between acute angles and staggered lines. The ultimate elegance, the copper arches show the delicately carved Geneva ripples, and the bearings are set with shiny rubies. The magnificent movement has a total of 27 rubies, highlighting the nobility and originality of this extraordinary watch.
 The master of the watch, Pierre-Michel Golay, said the vintage beauty of the ‘Vintage (Curvex) Seven Days Power Reserve’ lies in the exquisite craftsmanship and precise movement design. This complex production makes FRANCK MULLER® an unquestionable classic. ‘
 With a 7-day power reserve, time is even more precious. To achieve this performance, a movement is added to the movement. The window at 11 o’clock shows the remaining energy at all times and the seconds at 6 o’clock. This pure, classic line and precise, well-balanced proportions are the ideal match for design, and its shape highlights the characteristics of the FRANCK MULLER® wine barrel.

 Unrivalled Swiss watchmaking know-how
 FRANCK MULLER®, based in Geneva since 1991, designs and manufactures all watches of the brand, including the Vintage (Curvex) seven-day power reserve mechanical watch, at its Gentold factory. Manufacturing. This mechanical watch has a stainless steel dial, or a rose with white enamel dial, or a black dial with a polished back that echoes the style of the movement.
 The talented young watchmaker FRANCK MULLER and the watch appreciation expert Vartan Sirmakes founded the FRANCK MULLER® brand in 1991. With its outstanding technical knowledge and innovative design, the brand has become a model for the distinguished watch industry in just two decades. Today, the company has more than 50 patents, a total of 40 stores worldwide and 7 production centers in Switzerland.

VINTAGE (CURVEX) Seven Days Power Reserve Watch
Movement model: FM 1700
Movement: mechanical manual winding, double barrel, original Breguet balance, excellent performance
FM escapement and balance screw
Movement size: Ø 31.00 mm; thickness: 5.00 mm
Power reserve: 7 days
Swing frequency: 18’000 times / hour
Number of parts: 213
Number of jewels: 27
Water resistance: 30 meters
Movement decoration: Geneva corrugated, polka dot polished, hand-chamfered
Display: hours, minutes, seconds at 6 o’clock, power reserve