There Are Ups And Downs, The Price Adjustment Of The New Year’s Watches In 2019

Watches and luxury goods are often adjusted. Every year, the public price will be adjusted according to the economic situation, the exchange rate, and the domestic and foreign price differences. Some time ago, Rolex’s price increase became big news. Rolex’s popular models were hot, the stores were out of stock, and the secondary market exceeded the official price. Now, Rolex has increased the public price by 3% to 5% since February 1, this year. Further exacerbating the rise of the Rolex market, it is bound to be another wave of hot speculation (the overall public price has risen, but there are also models with a public price decline, such as the calendarless nigger).

The official price of Rolex’s calendarless water ghost 114060 has been reduced this year.
 For Rolex price increases, I think players are accustomed to it. In addition to Rolex, since the beginning of this year, other watches have also been adjusted in price. Today I want to focus on the situation of several mainstream brands, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and so on. These are the most popular mainstream watches in China. This year’s prices have also changed a lot. There are ups and downs, players need to pay attention.
Jaeger-LeCoultre: overall price increase
 At the beginning of the year, I was impressed by the news that Jaeger-LeCoultre was going to increase its price. The price of Jaeger-LeCoultre was going to increase by 3% to 5%. I didn’t pay attention at that time. I went out during the Spring Festival and found that Jaeger-LeCoultre did increase the price. Popular models you are familiar with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s public prices have risen. I will briefly list some for your reference.

Moon phase of Jaeger-LeCoultre (upper) and Clown of Jaeger-LeCoultre (bottom)
 Master Jaeger-LeCoultre Moon Phase (steel case) is now priced at 70,500, compared to 67,500.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre (steel shell) now costs 70,000, compared to 67,000.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre Calendar (steel case hollow pointer version) is now priced at 46200, compared to 45,000.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre Calendar (Steel Shell Regular Edition) is now priced at 50,000, compared to 48600.
 Master Jaeger-LeCoultre full moon phases (steel shell) are now priced at 77500, compared with the previous price of 7,3500.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Calendar, two styles.
 The price adjustment of Jaeger-LeCoultre will have a certain impact on the market price of Jaeger-LeCoultre. First of all, Jaeger-LeCoultre is a major domestic watch, especially when it comes to formal watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre is a big hit. Many people buy these watches. In fact, in the past period of time, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s popular watches, such as the Moon Phase Master, have been slowly rising. Although not as fast as Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s moon phase masters are stable and progressive. The increase in the public price of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s popular watches is a few thousand dollars, which will affect the primary market and the secondary market. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s workmanship and pricing are more conscience, in other words, cost-effective. The entry threshold and the price of the main model are also close to most players’ wallets. From the new Jaeger-LeCoultre watch this year, we can see that Jaeger-LeCoultre is likely to start a movement upgrade in the next few years, so the overall market price of Jaeger-LeCoultre (including the public price) should still go up, but this year That’s it, there will be no major changes.
IWC: overall price increase
 In the past few years, IWC has adjusted the price several times. There are times when the price goes up and there are times when the price goes down. The price adjustment of IWC this year is generally on the rise. The price adjustment of IWC has been in this period for a while, not too much. I’ll just list them a bit, and you can refer to them (I remember some public prices before, it’s not particularly clear, please refer to them for reference)

IWC Mark 18 (above) and Mark 18 flying meter (below)
 IWC 18 is now priced at 33,400, compared to 31800
 IWC now has a public price of 41500, compared with 39500
 IWC Portofino timing is now 44200, compared to 42500
 The current price of IWC VII is 93600, and the previous price is 92000 (I remember it seems that it may be different)
 The flying price of IWC is now 102,000, and the previous price is 98,000 (I remember it seems that there may be discrepancies)

IWC Portofino timing (top) and IWC Portugal VII (bottom)
 IWC had previously lowered the price once, and I was very impressed by that price reduction, because the earliest Dafei was a 100,000 bubbled watch. After that price reduction, the public price of Dafei reached less than 100,000, which was more than 90,000, which was close to 10 Million public price. At the same time, all nations like Mark have been lowered. The price increase this time basically restored the public price of IWC to its previous level. In addition to this price increase, in the past year, IWC has begun to control discounts, especially foreign discounts, which has caused IWC’s market to gradually rise. In addition, everyone should pay attention to the fact that IWC has gradually replaced the self-produced movements on the entry models. Especially this year, the self-produced movements have been replaced on the TOP GUN and Spitfire series flight watches. Special editions of IWC-produced movements are used The Mark / Flymeter will be more than 1,000 to 3,000 more than the regular Mark / Flymeter with a common movement currently used. In the future, as IWC fully replaces its self-produced movements, the price of IWC will continue to increase. .
Overall there are ups and downs.

Vacheron Constantin 4010
 Because the word ‘price increase’ is easy to attract attention, many media are willing to report the news of ‘price increase’ and create hot spots, but in fact, luxury watch price adjustments are not only price increases, but price cuts are also common. It’s just selectively ignored. A while ago, Rolex adjusted prices, such as waterless ghosts, yachts, Cellini, and the Golden Shell Skywalker all reduced their prices. The law of the market, how can there be anything that only rises in this world. In addition to the brands mentioned above, starting from February 1 this year, Vacheron Constantin will reduce the price of watches below HK $ 800,000 by 3%. Glashütte’s original domestic public price has also been adjusted this year. Therefore, the public price of famous watches will go up and down. It may rise a little this year and it may go down next year. Players need to pay more attention to market changes.